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Why the World Judo Day?

October 28th is Jigoro Kano's Birthday


Judo is a sport of tradition based on a moral code that is not just a concept. This moral code is even the spine of our activity. The notion of respect, which was the theme of the first edition of the World Judo Day, is perhaps the strongest one for any judoka. Without respect, nothing is possible! The peaceful confrontation that is judo can not take place without mutual respect. One of the symbols and a perfect concrete application of that respect is the bow. It opens a judo session, it closes it and between the two, "mutual aid and prosperity" and the "optimal use of energy" become possible. And that's why we have chosent the bow as the logo of the World Judo Day.

Judo also helps to convey the values of the moral code outside the tatami and to implement them in everyday life.

The World Judo Day initiated by the International Judo Federation aims to promote the values of our sport as they have been designed from its inception. With this event, the IJF also wants to eventually come closer to the people who make judo alive on a daily basis in all the dojo around the world.




To promote a global awareness on the values of judo and its education system to all judo clubs and all judoka, through the Member Federations and with the help of the modern communication tools (website of the IFJ, social networks...). This year's theme: "HONOUR". Judo clubs will be asked to take action "in" and "outside" of their club.

First ever World Judo Day

At the end of 2010, the IJF was pleased to announce the launch of the "World Judo Day", which has been set up to take place on October 28th every year. The theme of the first World Judo Day, dedicated to all judoka throughout the planet, was RESPECT. In 2021, we have chosen to dedicate the World Judo Day to SOLIDARIY. Judo is a familly with familly members coming from different horizons. We want them to stand on the tatami at the same time and exchange their views and opinions.

A specific website (www.worldjudoday.com) has been created, where you have the opportunity to interact with judoka from allover the world. The World Judo Day, 2021 edition (every year, this event is organized with different themes), will be a great opportunity to develop activities in every single judo club. It will be also a fantastic opportunity to show to the world that Judo is not simply a sport but an outstanding educational tool.

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