Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing 2014

Mixed Team Event: A Message to the World for Peace, Unity and Solidarity


On the occasion of the last day of judo at the Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing 2014, Mr. Marius Vizer, the IJF President delivered an important message: « The three days of the individual tournament and today’s mixed team event should help us to deliver an important message; a message of PEACE, UNITY and SOLIDARITY. That’s what the young generations are looking for. In the period of crisis and conflicts that we are witnessing, many countries and leaders have to listen to the message that the athletes delivered during those games: they want peace, friendship and are looking for the development of the world. »

The mixed team event is a perfect example of what sports and especially judo can bring: "By organizing this special team competition, we wanted to encourage gender equality and unity between the male and female judoka. By mixing countries, medalists and non-medalist, we also promoted solidarity among all the participants », explained Mr. Vizer.


Talking about the YOG in China, Mr. Vizer commented: « I have seen the enthusiasm of the young Chinese people. I have also discovered a high level of organization with a strong support of the Chinese authorities. Together with the Organizing Committee and the IOC, we delivered an event, which was more than simply judo at the Youth Olympic Games, it was an international youth celebration."

Judo Develops in China

The IJF President also took the occasion of the last day of judo at the YOG to comment about the development of judo in China: "Judo is a sport for all. It is not expensive but rich in values and philosophy. That dimension totally fits with the Chinese mentality and I am sure that judo can largely contribute to the improvement of society, not only here in China, but worldwide as well. Judo can help the young generations to develop their personality and judo will help them to get better and stronger in their life as well. China is based on discipline. The country has a great history and outstanding culture. Therefore the Chinese society can easily assimilate our values. We can already feel that judo is getting more and more popular in China. In 2013 and 2014, we organized the ‘Judo Educational Journey Through China’, which was a fantastic success, especially here in Nanjing.


Together with the Chinese Judo Association, we have visited 12 cities in China, held more than 40 judo animations and conferences, for more than 10,000 children. Together with our World Judo Tour, our 20 major events per year, broadcasted over 150 territories, judo is becoming more and more popular. Today we have more than 20 million people practicing judo around the world. One of our tools to promote judo among the youth is our Judo for Children program, which is very successful. With this, we can combine the sports dimension and the educational values that we believe in."



An Original Format of Competition

Thus the last competition day for judo at the Youth Olympic Games, #nanjing2014, was dedicated to the mixed team event, a format that was proposed and tested with great success for the first time, four years ago in Singapore. Right after the individual competitions, the IJF sports commission led by Mr. Vladimir Barta, proposed 13 teams composed of girls and boys, athletes coming from different countries, and medallists and non-medalists.


"This is a very friendly, international and original format of competition », explained Mr. Barta about the YOG team event, before adding: « In Singapore, we chose to give to the teams the names of the cities where Judo World Championships were organized since the first edition in 1956 (Tokyo). Here in China, we decided to name the 13 teams with the big names of our sport."


That is why, during the whole day, the public saw some very ‘interesting’ matches between teams Berghmans, Kerr, Xian, Tani, Kano, Rougé, Ruska, Van de Walle, Chochishvili, Geesink, Nevzorov, Yamashita and Douillet, fighting for the title.


Today's competition was held in front of many high personalities from the IOC, among them was Mr. Jacques Rogge, former president of the organization, who enjoyed the atmosphere and spirit that prevailed all day long.


The YOG Teams

TEAM KANO - JIGORO KANO - JPN - The founder of judo - First Asian Member of the IOC (1909-1938)
TEAM GEESINK - ANTON GEESINK - NED - Olympic Gold Champion Tokyo 1964 - Two-time World Champion, IOC member
TEAM VAN DE WALLE - ROBERT VAN DE WALLE - BEL - Olympic Gold Champion Moscow 1980 - Olympic Silver Medallist Seoul 1988
TEAM DOUILLET - DAVID DOUILLET - FRA - Olympic Gold Champion Atlanta 1996 / Sydney 2000 - Olympic Bronze Medallist Barcelona 1992 - Four-time World Champion
TEAM BERGHMANS - INGRID BERGHMANS - BEL - Olympic Gold Medallist Seoul 1988 - Six-time World Champion
TEAM NEVZOROV - VLADIMIR NEVZOROV - RUS - Olympic Gold Medallist Montreal 1976 - One-time World Champion
TEAM TANI - RYOKO TANI - JPN - Olympic Gold Champion Sydney 2000 / Athens 2004 - Olympic Silver Medallist Barcelona 1992 / Atlanta 1996 - Olympic Bronze Medallist Beijing 2008 - Seven-times World Champion
TEAM YAMASHITA - YASUHIRO YAMASHITA - JPN - Olympic Gold Champion Los Angeles 1984 - Four-time World Champion
TEAM RUSKA - WILLEM RUSKA - NED - Two-time Olympic Gold Champion Munich 1972
TEAM XIAN - XIAN DONGMEI - CHN - Olympic Gold Champion Athens 2004 / Beijing 2008
TEAM ROUGÉ - JEAN-LUC ROUGÉ - FRA - World Champion - Secretary General of IJF
TEAM KERR - GEORGE KERR - GBR - European Champion - Has 10th Dan IJF
TEAM CHOCHISHVILI - SHOTA CHOCHISHVILI - GEO - Olympic Gold Medallist Munich 1972 - Olympic Bronze Medallist Montreal 1976



Final: Team Rougé New Youth Olympic Champions - 25 Countries on the Podium

Team Rougé vs. Team Geesink: In the first fight of the final, Maria SIDEROT (POR) won against Anastasya TURCHEVA (RUS), the Russian having been more penalized than her opponent. 1-0 for Team Rougé. The second fight of the final gave a point back to team Geesink, when Layana COLMAN (BRA) defeated Ayelen ELIZECHE (ARG), also by a difference of penalties. 1-1

The third contest between Sukhrob TURSUNOV (UZB) and Dzmitry MINKOU (BLR). Led by waza-ari, MINKOU, finally threw TURSUNOV with a superb o-goshi for ippon, giving a second point to Team Geesink. 1-2.



The fight between Lisa MULLENBERG (NED) and Ivana SUNJEVIC (MNE) concluded with a superb ippon as well. Let by a yuko until the last second, the Dutch athlete found the necessary energy to score with a makikomi technique. 2-2. In less than a minute, Mikhail IGOLNIKOV gave the third point to Team Rougé, by scoring two waza-ari with uchi-mata. 3-2. The last point went to team Rougé, Morgane DUCHENE (FRA) scoring ippon with tai-otoshi. 4-2.



This last fight concluded an incredible week of judo with 25 countries present on the mixed team event podium, again showing the universality of judo.


Final Results and Team Composition




RUS - TURCHEVA Anastasya


BLR - MINKOU Dzmitry


KOR - RYU Seunghwan

TPE - WANG Yu Jyun

SRB - MAJDOV Nermanja 






JPN - ABE Hifumi







KOR - LEE Hyekyeong

USA - DIAZ Adonis



CRO - MATIC Brigita

ARG - BASILE Gustavo



Positive Conclusion for the Chinese Organizers

Shen Zhigang, Vice President of the Chinese Judo Association, and Zhou Jiayun, General Secretary of the Longjiang gymnasium venue team, were very happy about the competition and its organization. "With the fantastic support of the IJF, its President and his team, we have had four incredible days of competition. High ranked IOC members, among them its President, Mr. Thomas Bach, and former President, Mr. Jacques Rogge, visited us. We have also learned from CCTV, that judo was very attractive for the spectators. In terms of ticket selling, judo ranked one among the other sports", said Mr. Shen Zhigand.


"Under the leadership of the IOC, the OC and the IJF, we have successfully achieved the individual and team competitions. I want to congratulate all the participants and especially all the medallists. Mr. Thomas Bach praised the very good level of the organization", added Mr. Zhou Jiayun.


YOG and Judo: Medical Aspects

After the competition, Dr Maximilien Jung, MD, the IJF medical commissioner explained that, due to their young age, a particular attention must be given to the athletes who participated in the games. "The IJF is taking really good care of all the athletes in order to avoid any bad injuries, especially with the joint techniques since those young competitors are not adults yet.


Due to a different thirst sensation of the young people, we also are very sensitive to a good hydration status. In this way we look that the young athlete have full and sufficient access to clean water. Judo athletes should take frequent fluid breaks and monitor their hydration status. This monitoring is important to maximize performance during training and competition."



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