October 20th, 2013

World Combat Games, St Petersburg 2013


The second day of the 2013 World Combat Games saw the judo team competition come to a blistering close with the men’s team event on Sunday at the St Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex.


Japan were crowned women's team champions on day one and they secured a fine double by clinching the men's title today as the highly-popular team judo format was once again shown to a global audience. As the stars of the sport unite to represent their country, fans become a crucial part of the event as the fate of their country and the complexion of the tie can change in an instant.


Judo has now starred at both editions of the World Combat Games, the 2010 launch in Beijing and the 2013 spectacle as one of the 15 sports in the spotlight in Russia.  


2013 World Team Championship winners Georgia were in action along with Uzbekistan, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Mongolia, Germany and France.


Ahead of the final block, Russia’s Olympic champions Arsen GALSTYAN (-60kg), Mansur ISAEV (-73kg) and Tagir KHAIBULAEV (-100kg) graced the competition tatami after their morning training session to host their second masterclass after Saturday’s highly-successful session. The children were from a local club in St Petersburg which was formed by the late Russian coach Anatoly RAKHLIN, a former judo mentor to Russian President Mr. Vladimir PUTIN.  


World Combat Games and Russian Judo Federation General Team Manager Ezio GAMBA said: "I was impressed with the youngsters, their technique was very good for their age, they did really well. Our athletes enjoyed the session and the opportunity to meet their fans."


The IJF’s adapted rules were once again in effect having been introduced at the Paris Grand Slam in February. IJF President Mr. Marius Vizer and members of the IJF Commissions will meet after the Junior World Championships in Ljubljana, Slovenia on Monday 28 October to establish the rules for the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic qualification period.


Mr. Juan Carlos BARCOS, IJF Head Refereeing Director, said: “We have seen the same procedures this weekend with the rules now well established. We are seeing very positive judo and increased ne-waza with very few golden score contests. We are on a good track and will make some minor adjustments before implementing the definitive rules from 1 January 2014 for the Rio 2016 Olympic cycle. In Slovenia, IJF President, Mr. Vizer, will join officials from the IJF Commissions to establish a clear consensus for the rules." 


Special guests on the final day of the judo competition included World Combat Games Sambo Ambassador Vincent PARISI, who is the son of 1980 Olympic judo champion Angelo PARISI, and is also a judoka of some repute.




Japan celebrated a team double as their men’s team matched Saturday’s golden showing from their female counterparts.


Japan were pushed all the way by Mongolia who won bronze in the women’s competition.  


-66kg: Former All Japan Judo Championships runner-up MAENO Shogo (JPN) put Japan ahead as he narrowly defeated multiple-time Grand Prix medallist Bategerel BATSETSEG (MGL) by a yuko. 1-0 JPN


-73kg: Multiple-time Mongolian champion Odbayar GANBAATAR (MGL) immediately restored parity as he conquered former World Team champion SAITO Ryo (JPN) with the contest settled on penalties. SAITO infringed on three occasions while GANBAATAR was only penalised twice in a nervy contest. 1-1.



-81kg: Former junior standout EBI Yasuhiro (JPN) was humbled by former Moscow Grand Slam bronze medallist Tuvshinjargal GAN (MGL). EBI had accumulated three shido while GAN had one against his name. 2-1 MGL. 


-90kg: All Japan Judo Championship silver medallist YOSHIDA Yuya (JPN) needed to defeat Janchivdorj BUNDDORJ (MGL) to keep Japan alive and he did just that as he wrapped up a convincing win with a kami-shiho-gatame for ippon. 2-2.


+90kg: The final come down to the last fight of the competition. A heavyweight duel between Budapest European Open silver medallist MOMOSE Masaru (JPN) and World Judo Tour regular Batsuuri NAMSRAIJAV (MGL) would decide the men’s team winners. MOMOSE was the hero for Japan as he surged into action with just 19 seconds left to throw his Mongolian rival with a sasae-tsurikomi-ashi for a yuko score. 3-2 JPN. 



Japan met Uzbekistan in the first semi-final and dismissed their opponents with a judo clinic.  


-66kg: Japan showed their intent from the outset as MAENO Shogo (JPN) outworked Ulugbek NORKOBIL (UZB) to earn a hard-fought win on shido penalties with two against NORKOBIL and one against MAENO. 1-0 JPN


-73kg: Two-time All Japan Judo Championships medallist SAITO Ryo (JPN) lost out to Tashkent Grand Prix winner Mirali SHARIPOV (UZB) by ippon to bring the score level. 1-1


-81kg: EBI Yasuhiro (JPN) bested Almaty Grand Prix bronze medallist Shukhrat ARSLANOV (UZB) but only by shido penalties as the Uzbek infringed on three occasions which was once more than his opponent. 2-1 JPN


-90kg: Former Asian Championships bronze medallist YOSHIDA Yuya (JPN) profited from the same method as Sherali JURAEV (UZB) slipped to send Japan into the final. 3-1 JPN


+90kg: Dusseldorf Grand Prix winner MOMOSE Masaru (JPN) earned one more win for Japan as Boltaboy BOLTAEV (UZB) received hansoku-make for four shido penalties. 4-1 JPN


In the second semi-final Mongolia outlasted Germany in a nail-biting match as they won the last contest to snatch a 3-2 triumph and a place in the final.


The final contest would prove decisive as the teams entered with two wins apiece. The fate of both countries was in the hands of seasoned heavyweights as Batsuuri NAMSRAIJAV (MGL) and Andre BREITBARTH (GER) went toe-to-toe. Former Asian Championships bronze medallist NAMSRAIJAV sent his country through with a yuko score. 



2013 World Team champions Georgia fell in their first match against Uzbekistan who grinded out a 3-2 victory.


Uzbekistan won their opening three contests to book a place in the semi-final as Ulugbek NORKOBIL (-66kg), Tashkent Grand Prix winner Mirali SHARIPOV (-73kg) and Almaty Grand Prix bronze medallist Shukhrat ARSLANOV (-81kg) all registered wins. Georgia’s two triumphs were delivered by Baku Grand Slam bronze medallist Zviad GOGOTCHURI (-90kg) and European Team Championships winner Onise BUGHADZE (+90kg). 3-2 UZB.


Ruthless Japan proved their title credentials by routing an out-of-sorts Brazil 4-1.


-66kg: Brazil started with defeat as Moscow Grand Slam winner Charles CHIBANA (BRA) fell to Abu Dhabi Grand Prix bronze medallist MAENO Shogo (JPN). MAENO pressed with an uchi-mata attack and took the contest by ippon from an osoto-otoshi. 1-0 JPN.


-73kg: Former Tokyo Grand Slam bronze medallist SAITO Ryo (JPN) doubled his country’s lead against Brazilian u23 Championships silver medallist Eduardo BARBOSA (BRA) as he subdue his foe with a mune-gatame in the final minute. 2-0 JPN.


-81kg: All Japan Judo Championships bronze medallist EBI Yasuhiro (JPN) defeated world number two Victor PENALBER (BRA) with little resistance by ippon. 3-0 JPN


-90kg: Former Asian Championships bronze medallist YOSHIDA Yuya (JPN) added a fourth victory as he dominated former Pan American Championships bronze medallist Eduardo SILVA (BRA). YOSHIDA won by ippon having opened the scoring with a waza-ari. 4-0 JPN


+90kg: FISU Universiade runner-up MOMOSE Masaru (JPN) could not complete a clean sweep for the rampant Japanese team as he was swiftly defeated by 2013 World Championship silver medallist Rafael SILVA (BRA) by way of ippon. 4-1 JPN


Hosts Russia met Mongolia in the third quarter-final.


-66kg: Batgerel BATSETSEG (MGL) silenced the home crowd by defeating Mikhail PULYAEV (RUS) by waza-ari. 1-0 MGL.


-73kg: Denis IARTCEV (RUS) slipped to defeat against Odbayar GANBAATAR (RUS) as he was pinned down with a mune-gatame to earn the Mongolian a second waza-ari and wazari-awasette-ippon. 2-0 MGL


-81kg: Sirazhudin MAGOMEDOV (RUS) showed his quality to put Mongolia’s semi-final hopes on hold. MAGOMEDOV saw off Tuvshinjargal GAN (MGL) by ippon after taking the lead with a waza-ari. 2-1 MGL


-90kg: Iurii PANASENKOV (RUS) brought Russia back on level terms as he bested Janchivdorj BUNDDORJ (MGL) 2-2.


+90kg: Miami Grand Prix silver medallist Renat SAIDOV (RUS) lost out to former Asian Championships bronze medallist Batsuuri NAMSRAIJAV (MGL) who settled the contest by waza-ari. 3-2 MGL


2013 World Team bronze medallists Germany showed their mettle as they produced a come-from-behind win against a stuttering French team.


France raced to a 2-0 lead with wins from Kilian LE BLOUCH (-66kg) and Jonathan ALLARDON (-73kg) and were on the brink of a spot in the last four. However, Germany’s resolve countered for everything when Alexander WIECZERCZAK (-81kg) inspired a comeback. Aaron HILDEBRAND (-90kg) resorted parity before Andre BREITBARTH (+90kg) completed the magnificent comeback with a battling performance against Jean Sebastien BONVOISIN (+90kg) with a waza-ari the difference after five minutes after of heavyweight action. 


Bronze medal matches 

Brazil captured the first set of bronze medals by sweeping past Germany. Brazil took the match 4-1 as Charles CHIBANA (-66kg), Eduardo BARBOSA (-73kg), Victor PENALBER (-81kg) and Rafael SILA (+90kg) all registered victories. Aaron HILDEBRAND (-90kg) defeated Eduardo DA SILVA (-90kg) to save the German team from a whitewash as DA SILVA limped off the tatami with an injured ankle. Rafael SILVA showed his class as he lifted his teammate onto his back and carried him from the field of play to the applause of the crowd.  


Russia joined Brazil on the medal podium as heavyweight Renat SAIDOV (+90kg) earned the admiration of the crowd and his teammates as he emphatically conquered Boltaboy BOLTAEV (+90kg) by ippon to settle a 3-2 win for the hosts.  


Japan vs Mongolia


Semi-Final Matches
Uzbekistan vs Japan
Mongolia vs Germany 


Bronze Medal Matches
Brazil vs Germany  
Russia vs Uzbekistan


Mr. Sergey SOLOVEYCHIK, World Combat Games Chairman, Mr. Pavel ZHURAVLOV, Head of the World Combat Games Directorate and Mr. Ezrio Gamba, World Combat Games Ambassador



Final Results


1. Japan            
2. Mongolia        
3. Brazil      
3. Russia    
5. Germany        
5. Uzbekistan     
7. Georgia      
7. France 



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