How, inside your judo-club, do you communicate on RESPECT?

By IJF | 23 September 2011 | News | 39 comment(s)

You are simply a member of a judo-club, a leader of that one, a coach and educator or a referee.

How do you communicate on respect inside you association? How do you implement respect?

How do you explain it to kids, teenagers, adults?...

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Joel Moreno Lazarte - International Bushido Club (Peru)

2011-10-09 01:47

In my club, we talk that we are all equal, regardless of the belt, man or woman, no matter where we come from, the social status, we all support each other, giving the best of us to enjoy the training equally. The students know that can be achieved only in an environment of mutual respect. We share great moments not only inside the club, but also outside of it. For that reason, my daughter is also training at the club and enjoys the class with her friends, and so do I.

jaafar ahmed

2011-10-06 01:42

libyan judo

maria teresa d. de castro

2011-10-06 00:34

As a judo teacher, treating my students as my own children....accepting their weaknesses and strength, listening to whatever they want to say, giving encouragement and praises instead of criticisms, looking after their welfare is respect. respect is earned and not asked through honest and open communication.

The Singapore Judo Club

2011-10-05 17:01

The Singapore Judo Club believes in attitude (including Respect) beyond mere techniques. A Judoka needs not be a Champion, he is someone with carries himself and others with respect and dignity.


2011-10-04 00:03

When I train judo or give a class, I always encourage the respect between the guys and me, and between them, I always try to unite everyone to become a large family united by judo, and this way we could make frienship and respect laces

2011-10-03 18:51

Wspaniała sprawa, należy jak najszerzej rozpropagować te Święto JUDO

Steven morgan

2011-10-03 17:16

At our club everyone are treated with equal respect and courtesy, we are all dependant on each other, without students I have no-one to teach, without a teacher the students have no one to learn from, and with out a mat we have no where to practice safely, therefore we are all dependant on each other and the respect at the club reflects that at all levels.

Stephane Bacon

2011-10-03 15:41

in the world all religion have create bareer, but in judo we are wearing the same judogi and only respect of the individual left in front of us, whitout jugment. Stéphane Bacon Président club de judo la voie souple de montréal-nord


2011-10-03 14:11

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