How, inside your judo-club, do you communicate on RESPECT?

By IJF | 23 September 2011 | News | 39 comment(s)

You are simply a member of a judo-club, a leader of that one, a coach and educator or a referee.

How do you communicate on respect inside you association? How do you implement respect?

How do you explain it to kids, teenagers, adults?...

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Runar Bjaaland

2011-10-16 01:32

Judo cultivates a sharing heart within its players. When I began practicing in Norway, after learning judo in Australia, I was told by the General Secretary here at the time "welcome to the family" - It is this sort of inclusion that judo manages to extend to people all over the world. So I say "be aware of the importance of Judo etiquette, as the founder has sewn it into our sport for a reason - To make a better person and a better society. Few thinkers or philosophers have marched into the realm of universal language, behaviour and tolerance as had Jigoro Kano.

Brad Salter

2011-10-15 01:12

A friend of mine asked me for 'private judo lessons - I will pay you'. I tried to explain the concept of Judo to my friend. I said many coaches do not take money, for them it is a way of life - a philosophy. Knowledge is passed on - make history not money I said. My father has run The Dowty Judo club for decades and never taken a penny in profit. Was this not Kano's dream? That is the definition of respect - staying true to ones roots or 'a way' in spite of all westernised pressures of profit and gain?

sergio fonseca

2011-10-14 16:15

Senores Good afternoon, you would have camisstas this event to be sold in Brazil and I'm in love with Judo!


2011-10-14 12:26


Waldemar Białowąs

2011-10-13 22:45

I'm treining Judo 37 Years, I'm coach 30 Years, this way of my live and my older son Dawid 29 Years old. He is coach too, he was in Tokaj University... Judo is a very beatiful way for all...

Donaldo Kelly Cordero de la Torre Sensei

2011-10-13 14:38

Before all else respect is internal. It can not be expected if it is not felt and then commanded. The fastest way off my gatame is for one of my juvenile students to mouth their parents. I my Dojo, personal and mutual respect is the LAW!!! Donaldo Kelly Cordero Sensei Aikijudoka Texas Tactical Judo, Inc. Houston,Tx.

Mauro Sérgio Cazetto

2011-10-12 03:46

First we need to be a example, Second we receive respect if we respect, Third we need to understanging an individual needs. we work respect in our Academy using some procedure that was left for our sensei, i.e. bow in some moments(Entrance, begginen, End, before-after fight, etc) We promote a respect avoiding bad behaviors hardly, on Academy, on Competition and in other place. We promote respect when we give an example, not blaming the judges for negative results, requiring the participation of our students into the opening of ceremonies.

Sabrina Wulfhorst

2011-10-11 18:02

I´m mother of two children. They are training since 2008. I became a huge fan of this way of thinking, way of life. Judo is already a very important activity in our familiy life. Greetings from Brazil!

Marcelo da Silva Bueno

2011-10-11 14:28

I am Brazilian judo teacher. I am convinced that judo keeps changing people's lives.

Stan Munday

2011-10-09 09:20

I like many Judokas, Seneis, Referees open up our Dojos to all commers and I ask the IJF to do this with Special Needs Judo because they are also part of our family of Judo

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