What is your definition of 'RESPECT'?

By IJF | 23 September 2011 | News | 33 comment(s)

In a world where respect sometimes does not mean anything, what to you think of that concept ?
Actually, is it a concept? Is it only a phylosophy? Or can it be applied concretely on the field?

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Mohannad Kafri, Palestine

2011-10-11 13:02

RESPECT is to put aside all differences from race, political view, religion, etc... and look in the eye of the person in front of you as a human being with humility and kindness. It is to reject all those thoughts of differences and accpet that we are all humans and we need on thing to live in dignity and peace. This is RESPECT for me, I will keep doing it in the Dojo, in the gym, in my work, and in my everdyay life. RESPECT to all of you from Palestine regardless from where you come, your political views, your religion, your race, etc....all of us a are family wheter you do Judo or just a fan of Judo or even dont do Judo at all. LOVE and RESPECT. Momo

Jose Manuel Melo

2011-10-11 11:58

The respect for other people is the respect for your own person. I thing the principal is understand this. Or felling this.

Andy Bassett-Scott

2011-10-11 11:23

Respect is the foundation the we should place our personal, social, ethical, spiritual in fact all aspects of our life on. Especially when we step out and represent our clubs in competition and the like we should show respect regardless of what else we face, as it make you the stronger and more worthy opponent, ally and friend.

Daan le Grange

2011-10-10 22:16

Respect for me means to be humble towards other, irrespective of their race, colour or creed. Respect the rights of others, and they will respect your's. Respect is part of Judo's culture, systems, heritage, customs and tradition and must be carried from the tatami to all aspects of our lives. Daan le Grange, 1st Vice President: Judo South Africa

Surya Sharma @ Shiai Judo Club, Mumbai - India

2011-10-10 07:06

Respect is that one human quality that enables us to not only appreciate greatness in others, but also enables us to accept their weakness– it makes us appreciate others for what they are. Respect arises when we realize that we all just a part in a bigger scheme of things & we need others not just to grow but also to survive & this is TRUE not just in JUDO, but also in LIFE.

Joel Moreno Lazarte

2011-10-08 23:02

For me, Respect is the base of everything in our lives. Beyond the concept or philosophy, we need to make it real with our actions, even in bad times, learning from others, respecting our differences, our opponents, our skills, our ideas, growing together. Everyone is involved. It is a circle of respect that we must expand. This never ends and so does Judo. So let's keep practicing, learning and sharing Judo. Best Regards, just a student of Judo.

jean-Philippe CONDO

2011-10-05 22:54

Nous judokas, devons être les garants du « respect » sur nos tatamis et en dehors. Dans ce monde aux frontières de plus en plus virtuelles sachons partager cette valeur entre nous et transmettons la aux générations futures en aimant notre sport.

jiwan sharma

2011-10-05 08:04

Judo is playing a great role bringing world together, Repecting each other is one of the principles of the Judo. IJF has done great job by announcing 28th October as the World Judo day. In India we coaches and judoka celeberating this day as Prof. Kano's birthday every year,now I am very happy that now ownward every body will celeberate this day by contributing lot to the sports, judo, to the society and by educating through the principles of judo mentioned by Prof. Jigoro Kano. Yours in Judo Jiwan Sharma Judo Coach Centre of Excellence National Institute of Sports Patiala.INDIA

Máster Daniel de la Cueva

2011-10-04 16:02

Judo helps how to accept and respect diversity and practices with peaceful behavior, making the most effective way to develop the strength of the mind and body. Based on the benefit for all, that is peace and understanding, Judo encloses respect for oneself body, the others, the rules and environment. In wide sense the respect in judo also means fair play, and fighting against doping. As Judo uses the joy in effort on the mat and the balance of body, mind and will, if people can learn to respect each other on the “way”, they may transfer this sentiment to other elements of their daily live.

Ziggy Tabacznik

2011-10-04 08:48

Judo has the power to contribute towards social behavior, respect is in the DNA of judo. Our sport educates, teaches and learn children. This way respect and tolerance will become self-evident for the younger generation.

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