World Judo Day 2018




Abu Dhabi

Judo legend Ilias ILIADIS led a #WorldJudoDay masterclass in Abu Dhabi. Three-time world champion and Athens 2004 Olympic champion Ilias ILIADIS (GRE) was among the illustrious guests in attendance on day two of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam. The Greek great, who won Olympic gold at the age of 17, led a special #WorldJudoDay masterclass during the break on day two as local children and senior members of the U.A.E national team alike were put through their paces by the 31-year-old legend who officially retired last year. ILIADIS led a warm up as the world watched live on the IJF Facebook page and the children’s smiles were beamed around the world in a fun and friendly atmosphere that beautifully illustrated this year’s theme of Friendship. The Beijing 2008 Olympic flagbearer squared off against each participant of the masterclass in randori as the younger members politely requested a second contest against their world-renowned coach for the day who duly obliged.


Tokyo - All Japan Judo Federation

Faroe Islands


The judoclub Sunda Judofelag in Faroe Islands celebrate World Judo Day at the first time in 2018. It was a great succes, more than 60 children and adults was on the tatami, and all have great fun.



The world judo day was also celebrated in a town in northern Norway. To honour this years theme, FRIENDSHIP, the tiny judokas from Snø Judoclub had invited themselves to visit the students at TSI Judo at the university dojo. The tiny judokas from age 3-5 participated in a training session with the students playing games, singing songs and learning some new exercises. To round up the training session the students showed their technical skills by throwing eachother - the tiny judokas were overjoyed watching and even more so when they were allowed to try themselves. In the end of the session the students from TSI Judo were given the official WJD diplomas where the tiny judokas had been drawing on the backside ahead of the session. Fun and laughter makes kids (and students) hungry and TSI Judo surprised Snø’s tiny judokas with muffins. Snø Judoclub had brought fruits for their new friends and everything was shared - in FRIENDSHIP.



This year, the Judo New Zealand National Championships were held in Christchurch on World Judo Friendship day. This wonderful event attracted young children from all over our country. 





To celebrate friendship in Judo, the theme for the 2018 World Judo Day, Budokan Judo Club, Castle Hill, Sydney Australia, invited Judoka from Tiger-Do Judo Club, Chipping Norton, Sydney to train together. The session lasted 2 hours and the age range of participating Judoka was 7 years to 75 years. Training was followed by a Bar-B-Que, drinks and cake. The backdrop for the photo is one of 4 flags which were on display at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Judo venue.



Britain's most Northern club, Orkney Judo, had a FUNpetition for all it's members on 28th October 2018. 23 out of our 26 members took part. A great night had by all.


Mahama Refugee Camp (Rwanda)

On the occasion of the World Judo Day, Christian Bichika, President of the Judo Federation of Rwanda visited the Mahama Refugee Camp together with Vianney, a Burundian judoka, a refugee himself and they organized a three hours judo session with the inhabitants of the camp. They offered 12 judogi and donated 16m2 of tatami so the activity can continue.



The Venezuelan Judo Federation celebrated the World Judo Day, reunited as a great family to commemorate the birth of Jigoro Kano. During this meeting, a special recognition was given to our judokas María Gimenez and Carlos Paez, for the Gold Medals achieved in the Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires 2018. In addition, we made a short version of an audiovisual material recorded with judokas from our country, who in the video show Judo as Passion of Life. WATCH THE VIDEO







In Peru we celebrated the World Judo Day early in the morning with childrens and parents from differents dojos in the National Sport Villa (VIDENA) in Lima doing some activities like: Festival of judo named by us as MiniPrix for children from 4 to 14 years old - Games with the children and parents in the tatami doing judo (the parents didn't know about this before) - We prepare a contest of the best drawing on the theme of the year: FRIENDSHIP. The winners won a new judogi. At the end of the Festival MiniPrix, all the children received a champion medal and a t-shirt of World Judo Day. We had a great sporting morning sharing judo with the children, parents, coaches, leaders of the clubs, athletes of the national team and many fans who came up. MORE IMAGES






The R.I.G.W. (Villers-La-Ville Belgium) organized for the WJD 2018 a competition with its young (and youngest) judokas.



On October 27, 2018, in the Judo Center, the first open team championship among juniors born in 2009-2010, dedicated to World Judo Day, was held. In 2018, the theme of the WJD was friendship - one of the key values of judo. Jigoro Kano taught to treat the opponent as a partner and leave the competition exclusively for tatami. This principle is strictly observed in our days. On the initiative of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport of the Orenburg city administration and the president of the Judo Federation of the Orenburg region, the deputy of the Orenburg city Council Igor Abdulmanov, the Open Judo team championship was held.


Mafra - Aibling

Celebrating World Judo Day and 2018 theme "friendship", the portuguese club "Grupo Recreativo Gonçalvinhense" (based in Mafra) and the German club "Judo team Bad Aibling"(based in Bad Aibling) went to the respective dojos to have a celebration training with the younger Judokas. After the portuguese training and before the german training it was established a videoconference connection between both clubs in order to promote new experiences for the children who had the opportunity to talk with new Judo friends from another country. The Judo Gonçalvinhense club and the Judo Bad Aibling club are two small clubs but with an increased social impact in their communities and whom shares common vision and educational concerns in relation with the work that can be made through Judo. It must be noticed that these clubs didn't know each other before establishing this new twinning relationship, in which it is now expected to develop more common activities in the future. 2018 World Judo Day topic was the main pretext for finding this new club friendship and we are both delighted with it. 



Tokyo - Kodokan

On the occasion of the birthday of the founder of Judo, the Kodokan organized several events to celebration the great man. The Kodokan celebrated the birth anniversary of Kano Jigoro Shihan (born October 28th, 1860) who created Kodokan Judo and who is called "the father of education" and "the father of Olympic Games in Japan", with a Special Exhibition (Letters addressed to Kano Shihan from a famous person. An exhibition using Augmented Reality techniques), Materials related to the Olympics Stamp Rally, Parent-and-child Judo Lesson (October 27, at the main dojo), Commemorative Lecture Meeting and Symposium Kano Jigoro Shihan and the Olympics (October 28, Small Hall of Bunkyo Civic Center).





The Nepalese Judo Federation observed, on the Eve of World Judo Day ”Friendship”, on 27 October at MMAC Judo Hall, Kathmandu, a function  where judo demonstrations were performed by the athletes from different clubs. They also celebrated the Birthday of Prof. Jigoro Kano by cutting cakes and Garlanding Flowers around his portrait. About 100 judo athletes, coaches, board members, media attended.



On this festive day the Uzbekistan Judo Federation wishes you victories and success in all endeavors, happiness, health, prosperity and luck needed for realization of all conceived projects and plans.



The IJF Judo for the World programme led by IJF Academy graduated Roberto Orlando, produced a special film on the occasion of the World Judo Day. WATCH THE VIDEO




Celebrating the World Judo Day and the birth of our founder Jigoro Kano, the Olympic bronze medalist Nuno Delgado founder of the biggest Judo School in Portugal, shares with the world our moment of commemoration of this great day. With a judo class that was held on the 28th October, we shared the theme of FRIENSHIP with students and parents. Besides the making of this video, we distributed around 800 diplomas in all our Judo Centers as being part of this celebration. We hope you enjoyed it and congratulations for the initiative! Thank you for helping us building Champions for life in Judo. WATCH THE VIDEO.



The Botswana Judo community commemorated the 2018 World Judo Day under the theme "Friendship". It was all smiles among the parents and judokas that were at the celebration. As judokas in Botswana, we uphold this judo value and take it everywhere we go as the purest form of humility. #Judo4MeJudo4All

More images CLICK HERE



The Judo Federation of Yemen declared: “Despite the war, Yemen's Judo players celebrate the World Judo Day. Celebrating this day is a call for friendship and a call to end the war in Yemen.“



The JC Liberty Oradea celebrate the World Judo Day in the presence of Daniel Lascau, IJF Sports Director.

Judo Club Liberty celebrates Judo and Friendship with more than 100 people on the tatami. Both parents and children judoka were enjoying a judo training session with games, ukemi, and both Ne-Waza and Tachi-Waza techniques. We had a great judo celebration and really felt the friendship in our children and their parents. Happy World Judo Day to the entire Judo Family! The celebration took place in the presence of Daniel Lascau, IJF Sport Director.



“We would like to take this opportunity to announce the celebration of the World Judo Day, organized by the Croatian Judo Federation during the October of 2018, inspired by the initiative of the

International Judo Federation. There are 21 member clubs participating in this year’s anniversary, with around 40 planned activities. Furthermore, we have planned for every club (around 80 clubs) to publish promotional material and the official IJF World Judo Day logo on their web sites and social media on 28th October 2018.

This is a second consecutive year that the Croatian Judo Federation carries out this type of action to promote values of Judo. In the year 2017, tens of thousands of elementary school pupils observed the activities carried out by our judo clubs, which resulted in increased visibility and implementation of second international project named Judo in Schools, which included participation of the Croatian Judo

Federation in 2013.

We plan to promote the World Judo Day program through local and national media, web sites and social networks. Our primary goal is to promote judo in school sports, and in less developed parts of

Croatia, which coincides with our strategic guidelines. We would like to use this opportunity to wish the International Judo Federation representatives a happy World Judo Day, and to thank them for their continuous trust and cooperation!“



Bridgend Judokwai held a tachi-waza randori session on Wednesday 24 October as their talented set of judoka prepare for a busy period of upcoming competitions and gradings. The well-known Welsh club has a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all its sessions and a mix of levels as children and adults worked together to hone their craft to celebrate #WorldJudoDay

For nore information on Bridgend Judokwai visit https://www.facebook.com/bridgend.judokwai




The Vlaamse Judofederatie organized a massive judo demonstration at the monumental hall of the Antwerp Central Station to promote the World Judo Day and the Belgian Judo Championship 2018. WATCH THE VIDEO.




"Best regards from Sport club Budo-Sofia University.  Because on the 28th of October we have an other programme,  we organized the world judo day on the October 27th. We had an open club day for all ages and levels,  also a little tournament 'Tsuki nami shiai' in ne waza and tachi waza.“



The Pragal Judo Club is located in Almada near Lisbon in Portugal: “Every year we celebrate World Judo DAY with a Parents and Children Class. This year we also celebrate with Friends since the theme is FRIENDSHIP. Our JUDO CLUBE PRAGAL promotes Family sport, we have classes of Parents and Children and we do joint classes regularly.“



Sport in Mostar is deeply rooted and carries great importance in everyday work with young people. Within a few years of existence, the judo club „Neretva“ from Mostar raised a great number of judokas. Wherever they come, they underlined the beauty and nobility of the sport of judo. They show how, by respecting the rules and opponent in a display of strength, it develops generosity on behalf of the club, to achieve success and personal development. Unity makes us one big family in which there is love and harmony. The children from Neretva have not only achieved results and won numerous medals, but they have also secured friends among sport opponents. Such friendships last for years and follow them through different situations which change them and therefore their view of life. As Shakespeare described friendship “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” 




St.Albert, Alberta, Canada

My wife (Amy Harris) & I (Luke Harris) have grown up doing Judo in Alberta, Canada since we were kids (Luke started at 8 years old & Amy started at 5 years old). We are now lucky enough to share our passion with our daughters, Ava (3) & Mila (2). We own and operate the Hayabusa Training Centre Ltd. In St.Albert, Alberta, Canada. Our training Centre has a variety of martial arts, but we have about 150 kids who are judokas starting at age 2. We are both Canadian National medalists. 


Belgrade - Novi sad

The Serbian Judo Federation was this year again a part of the global IJF campaign to celebrate #WorldJudoDay. The Judoka of Serbia decided to celebrate the birthday of Jigoro Kano in a series of extraordinary events. This year’s October 28 –The #WorldJudoDay – celebrated throughout the world with a theme of friendship, was marked with a seminar for trainers, and the entire week before October 28 was dedicated to socializing with the youngest in schools and kindergartens, to whom we presented our beautiful sport. For the finish of the #WorldJudoDay celebration, the first Inclusive Judo seminar was held.

“Every year, we give our contribution to the global campaign through which the IJF is organising and promoting the World Judo Day, which is dedicated to the values of our sport all over the globe. For that particular reason, the Serbian Judo Federation’s intention is to join the IJF missions every year, which have the duty to develop judo in all sectors, without any kind of distinction or discrimination,” said Ivan Todorov, president of the Serbian Judo Association. Serbian Judoka started the celebration of the #WorldJudoDay on the mat. A seminar was held in Novi Sad by the world-renowned expert, Hiroshi Katanashi, who, during the two-day seminar – a true judo holiday in which more than 160 trainers from our country participated – presented his vision of judo. The full hall of the Novi Sad SPENS centre again showed great interest for Mr Katanishi’s lecture.

“It is my great pleasure to be in Serbia. I am especially happy to see that you have quality trainers who want to hear and learn more about judo. It was a true pleasure working in Novi Sad during these two days,” Hiroshi Katanishi said.

We dedicated the week before October 28 and this great judo holiday to the youngest, the ones who will inherit the world. Educational workshops and lectures were organized in schools and kindergartens, and were just one part of the big “Judo in Schools” project, which the Serbian Judo Federation has successfully been implementing under the patronage of the International Judo Federation, the Ministry for Youth and Sport, and the Ministry for Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. When Master Jigoro Kano created judo in 1882, he wanted to create a means of education and he did it. That is why the Serbian Judo Federation dedicated the finish of the #WorldJudoDay celebration to education. In Sombor, we had a premiere of the Inclusive Judo seminar, which was international in character, with guests from Slovenia. The participants of the seminar had the opportunity to hear the experiences of domestic trainers as well as guests from abroad, who already achieved excellent results in this field. Darij Somen and Dr Viktorija Pecnikar Oblak presented Slovenia’s experiences in operation and implementation of inclusive judo.




During the celebration of the World Judo Day in Lucknow, India, the chief guest was Ms Rachna Govil Executive Director of sports authority of India regional centre Lucknow and the guest of honour were mr Munawar Ansar Technical secretary JFI, mr Sudhir Halwasia Vice President UPJA, mr Umesh Kumar Singh Technical chairman IBPJA, along with camp coaches Mr Satpal Rana, mr Patil, mr Kuldeep Sharma, ms Tombi Devi, ms Janita Kataria and ms Maan. Players decorated the judo hall with balloons. A Cake cutting ceremony took place by chief guest, players and other officials.



Barbados' interpretation of the WJD theme saw judokas and their families, wearing locally themed t-shirts. They participates in several activities. "Lookah me an' muh Judo Friends" (Look at me and my Judo Friends in the local vernacular), was emblazoned in red across the white t-shirts. Children, parents and relatives, old and young, joined judokas in fun judo based games and friendship poses in celebration of the theme. Everyone had a great time.



Jitakyoei samurai Milano - italy


Santiago de Compostela

On the occasion of the World Judo Day, 44 judokas of the JUDO CLUB COMPOSTELA participated in the pedestrian race of Santiago de Compostela. In total more than 8,000 athletes participated in the event. This club has been participating in the race for six years under the direction of its teacher Javier Seoane. They covered the 7 km race where the main thing besides having fun is the promotion of our sport on such a special day.



World Judo Day 2018 in Cervignano (Udine-Italy) with the youngest regional criterium (sunday 28th october) with 530 young judoka from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.




The Yama-Arashi Judo Club celebrated the World Judo Day in Varkaus Finland with 42 participants. On tatami we had juniors, competitors, seniors and their friends and family members. We trained different techniques, incouding grappling techniques and small throwing techniques. We found that judo can be FUN and hereby we send our regards to all judokas all over the world!




Santiago de Chile

On October 28, the Judo Club Atari in Santiago, Chile, celebrated in the Park, the World Judo Day, with a training of Venezuelan Sensei Javier Rivero. We honored the word friendship, as it has united our community.


Santo Domingo

October 28, 2018, waq the 158th birthday of Judo founder Sensei Jigoro Kano. The World Judo Day, with the slogan La Amistad (Friendship)", was joined by our country for a great celebration, in which the Dominican Judo Federation and the different Judo Associations organized several activities. It started at Jigoro Kano Street, Arroyo Hondo Sector of Santo Domingo. Present at this ceremony were Mr. Gilberto Garcia, president of the federation, Luisa Martinez, secretary, Leidi Geman, Technical Director, Juan Chalas, Sports Immortal, Ing. Cesar Langa, Co-secretary of the federation, Mr. Jorge Luis Lopez, member of the Hall of Fame of Martial Arts and Mr. Wilkin Ogando, Director of Training.



Due to the school holidays, Villandraut's Judo School shifted the commemoration of the birth of Jigoro KANO to Tuesday, November 6th, an opportunity for the club to once again participate in the "World Judo Day" proposed by the IJF and the FFJ on the occasion of the anniversary of Jigoro Kano. The aim of this event was to bring together the activities offered by the Judo-Jujitsu Club of Villandraut, the opportunity for practitioners from Taoiso, Judo Jujitsu-Self Defense and children's judo classes to get together for a night out. The session began with a collective bow, followed by a 10-minute mondo on World Judo Day with its theme "Friendship". Then a collective warm-up followed by demonstrations of Kata, followed by technical sequences in Ne-Waza and Tachi-Waza, then randori mixing young and old in a friendly spirit according to the maxim of Jigoro Kano "Mutual aid and prosperity". A diploma commemorating the day was given to all participants, followed by a photo shoot, a very beautiful evening.




On Oct 27, The Amherst Kodokan Judo Academy celebrated World Judo Day, with this year’s theme being ‘Friendship.’ READ THE ARTICLE



The WJD focus is on #friendship – Judo is a lot about this value. In Judo you don't have to proof how strong you are. In Judo you learn respect and how to care about your partner who is your friend, not your enemy. In Judo you keep the control of yourself and of the fight. This makes Judo to a #martialart (!), a positive lesson and a way of life. The result can be a deep friendship, for all who are open for this lesson… MORE IMAGES


Algers (Hamza Bouamar)



“Hello, we are one of the judo club in Macau. On the 28 Oct., we had our all Macau judo championship. On that day, our team get many trophies, we love judo very much, we want to share our happiness.

TAHITI - French Polynesia




On Sunday, October 28, 2018, for the eighth time, Macedonia joined the global celebration of the World Judo Day celebrated in honor of the birthday of the father and founder of judo, Jigiro Kano. This year,
unlike in the past, the Judo Federation of Macedonia for the first time marked the World Judo Day with a central celebration that gathered over 150 judoka from all ages and categories: adults, children, judo experts, members of the national team, beginners, boys and even more girls-from pioneers to veterans. Most judo clubs from all over the country were involved in the central celebration, where their judoka jointly trained and presented their skills to the audience. Ahead of the celebration of the World Judo Day, information posters were printed and posted in many schools and public places in Skopje. The event was advertised and promoted through all major Macedonian and Albanian newspapers and portals, as well as the National Macedonian Television.

Among the audience, this year the event was well attended by numerous high-ranking guests and delegations which, during this year's celebration of the World Judo Day, expressed and confirmed their friendship with the Macedonian judoka. The event was attended by: the Minister of Education and Science Arber Ademi, President and Secretary General of the Macedonian Olympic Committee, Vasil Tupurkovski, representatives of the Agency for Youth and Sports of the Republic of Macedonia, a representative from the Prime Minister’s Cabinet, as well as the Ambassadors of Japan, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Serbia, and they all had the opportunity to get acquainted with judo, as well as the knowledge and the skills of the Macedonian judoka. In their speeches to the public, the high guests encouraged Macedonian judoka to persevere and continue to train, improve their results and successfully represent Macedonia in international competitions.

The Macedonian Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev, was awarded a black belt for his contribution to the development and promotion of judo in Macedonia, and other distinguished guests and participants were awarded diplomas for their contribution to the promotion of judo in Macedonia, while all participants the event received certificates of participation in the celebration of the World Judo Day. Judo Federation of Macedonia remains active and fully committed to promoting judo on and off the mat.



Judoka and families of Polizeisportverein Königsbrunn organizes every year the World Judo Day, this annual edition with "Freundschaft". Lots of Judoka, from 4 to 65 years, from white to red-white belt joined the tatami. Many parents and friend were informed about Judo and the positive aspects for the society. Happy World Judo Day 2018 - Johannes Daxbacher, Polizeisportverein Königsbrunn; IJF - chairman military and police commission.



On Wednesday, October 31st, the Judo Committee of the Gironde jointly organized a sports camp for the youngest and for young referees enrolled in the referee school of the committee. For a full day, taking advantage of the opportunity, the supervisors and the sportsmen celebrated the "World Judo Day" on the anniversary of the birth of Jigoro KANO. The theme of this year was "Friendship" and on the tatami the young athletes and referees showed this beautiful friendship that unites us all in the practice of the discipline of Master Kano. During this course, in addition to the technical, theoretical, and randori work, there were many opportunities to discuss the culture and history of judo, a mondo closed this beautiful day. A snack and a diploma was given to them.



These are the academics and judokas from the Integrated Regional University of Alto Uruguai and Missoes (URI-Erechim), from the city of Erechim / RS, Brazil. We participate in the World Judo Day 2018 promoting a special training where the diplomas available by the International Judo Federation were delivered.



The young BJA members celebrated World Judo Day on the theme of "Friendship". They each invited one friend who has never done Judo to come visit the dojo. After a brief introduction to Judo, the guests were given a short demonstration on various Judo techniques. The guests then tried out basic ukemi techniques themselves. Then after playing a few games, the host judokas handed over a goodie bag of candies to their guests! Happy World Judo Day and Happy birth anniversary to Jigoro Kano! The day was eventful also because our new coach Yusuke Utashiro visited the dojo for the first time after arriving in Bhutan! He will be undergoing a month long orientation program and will formally join us at the end of November. Welcome to Bhutan Sensei Utashiro!



We cordially congratulate all judo fans and all those who have devoted their lives to this beautiful sport! Taking into account that the theme of the World Judo Day 2018 is Friendship, we decided to give more attention to children in the schools where we successfully implemented the "Physics Education and Judo" program. They are a full source of energy, sincerity and friendship! Our President, General Secretary and the coaches of the National Judo Federation has visited several schools across the country and offered judogi to children. Happiness on their faces is the greatest congratulation for a special day such as the World Judo Day 2018- Friendship.



In a fun and enjoyable Judo class for the whole family, the Yukay Dojo (with judo players affiliated with the Argentina Judo Federation), we celebrated International Judo Day with different activities for the whole family. The judokas of all ages could practice with their parents, brothers, relatives and friends to know "from inside" this sport and to celebrate the date that commemorates in the whole World the Birth of the Master Jigoro Kano. With the presence of Sara Argañaraz, Mario Adet, Sebastián Sarquis, Ángel Ríos and Valentín Moya (all of them experienced Black Belts) and under the supervision of Maestro Daniel de la Cueva, (7th Dan) two hours of teaching, learning were shared and practices of techniques of falls, grips, projections and grappling techniques. Finally and after several rounds of Randori, personal defense techniques were practiced that greatly pleased all the members of the Yukay Judo Family. This celebration, which has been held since 2011, has been an uninterrupted and very important activity for the Judo of the Yukay Dojo, since it has been granted the invitation of the International Federation for the celebration.



Tokyo 2020 organizing committee and the Olympic Channel celebrated the World Judo Day.



The National Judo team photo for World Judo Day 2018.



The JuSan project (Judo Sananduva) is held in the city of Sananduva, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. We celebrated World Judo Day for the first time in our city. Every day the children and adolescents who participate in JuSan can experience a little Judo, which becomes a small step that seeks to contribute each year to strengthen Judo in our country. We appreciate and applaud the initiative of World Judo Day!!!





We orgnized a contest - portrait of Jigoro Kano. Kids from Poland made beautiful paint.



Daria Bilodid, World Champion, said: “This time the key word is #friendship, and I am very pleased Judo for having a large number of friends around the World ,it’s really very nice.Judo is our big friendly family which unites whole World.Judo is more than sport.“



We celebrated the World Judo Day. Bellow picture was taken during the festive session. We are a small club. We are in Pápa, Hungary. We were also celebrating the twenty-fifth year of our club.


Buenos Aires - Paula Pareto, World and Olympic Champion



Judo club for people with disabilities "Fuji": A little piece of magic was created on the occasion of the WJD. We celebrated World judo day in best possible way, fighting and laughing with our friends! Judo club for people with disabilities FUJI was founded in 2012 and it's the first club in Croatia established especialy for people with various disabilites!



Clarisse Agbegnenou, World Champion, celebrate the World Judo Day: "Friends are companions, who help us move on the path to a happier life." Pythagoras - TWITTER

Emilie Andel, Olympic champion said: "Friendship is a form of equality comparable to righteousness, each of which gives the other benefits similar to those he has received." Aristotle - TWITTER



Happy world judo day form our sports club Judo Love Sofia. 28.10.2018 was a special day for us because we celebrated our 10th anneversery and the world judo day. Together with the new President of the Bulgarian Judo Federation Mr Rumen Stoilov the General Secretary Mr Hristo Maev and the Sports Director Mrs Spaska Ilieva we made a great gathering for all judo friends.



World Judo Day was celebrated on the mat of the AAUAv Judo Nucleus in Aveiro where athletes and parents had the opportunity to participate. It was a day dedicated to Jigoro Kano, judo and the moral code of the sport, with a special emphasis on the value of Friendship, where everyone felt the special pleasure of sharing this moment. A tree was built that symbolises friendship, with the hands of all who participated. A team work ... The three partner clubs that took part were AAUAv Judo Nucleus, Ippon Judo Club and Judo from ARC Barroca.



On October 28th, the World Judo Day was celebrated in the Prince Felipe gym in Melilla (Spain) with a joint class of children, youth and adults. It was held in the facilities of the Príncipe Felipe Gymnasium, under the supervision of its teacher Fariq Hamida. It was a great day in which these Melilla judokas remembered the founder of judo.




San Marino





“We were very satisfied with the event held in China, in Wuhan. It was a great experience. The work of disseminating judo within China is very professional. Thank you very much for the collaboration with all the material.“






RD Congo





Buenos Aires

October 28th is World Judo Day, this date is special because October 28th is the day that Master Jigorō Kano, Creator of Judo, was born. This day has been taking place around the world since 2011, each year with a different slogan, this year's is "friendship". The slogan comes from a series of documentaries that was published by the International Judo Federation. World Judo Day unites more than 40 million people who practice this sport around the world. We are using this day to show everyone and all those who do not yet know our sport the values it conveys. Judokas from all over the world we share this day, we welcome and thank you for having the joy of practicing a sport that unites people, nations and education in equality and respect towards all people. Very good world judo day!




New York

Hannah Martin Ogando: Happy #WorldJudoDay2018 it is not only about training and competing but about the people that you meet along the way and Judo reaches way farther than the tatami. Judo is more than the fight. It creates memories, brings laughter and even love. Let’s celebrate our friendships that we’ve made through this amazing sport! 





Almost 100 judoka gathered at the capital of Jamaica, Kingston, for their first ever World Judo Day. Although judo has only been recently established in Jamaica, pupils from three different parishes shared their afternoon on the tatami. With the national championships fast approaching, the focus was on randori, whilst celebrating their latest acknowledged Olympic sport. The session was carried out by Rio 2016 Olympian, Szandra Szogedi. TV Jamaica also attended to capture the event. The President of the Jamaican Judo Association, Mr. Dwayne Barnett, considered the afternoon as a successful first WJD; on the island. “I am extremely pleased that almost 100 judoka turned up to take part in our first World Judo Day event. Considering that judo has only been at the island for a few months, I am satisfied with the progress of the sport and how the day has turned out. As in the theme, loads of new friendships were formed and overall it was a tremendously eventful afternoon for the Jamaican Judo Association.” 


Port Vila

World judo day in Vanuatu on 28th of october on the value of FRIENDSHIP! After a friendly competition that was held the day before with our neighbors from New caledonia (FRA) we kept the friendship and had a beach day all together.




San Giovanni







More about the WJD celebration in Malta - CLICK HERE (Facebook)







Wwe decided to hold our very first Under 8 Judo Festival. This is an age group which doesn't often get a opportunity to develop and grow in confidence in a festival "Competitive Format". We followed all the British Judo Association guidelines and created a Judo 4 Fun Festival. We started with the 5 year olds who enjoyed a mix of judo games and a opportunity to have a randori against the Kingsley Lion Mascot before a round robin Randori between themselves. Later on it was the turn of all the boys and girls ages 6 and 7 years old. Again we started with some games to warm up and before spliting into equal groups for a competition. The judo was all very postive and proved that this age group certainly deserved their chance to perform out on the tatami. After the contests everyone gathered on the mat to take part in a World Judo Day Kahoot Online Quiz, 15 questions all based on their learning experiences during the day. We ended the day with a very proud moment with the podium medal presentation for all the judoka. A massive thanks to eveyone who added to making this festival such a great success. Our Kingsley team produced many fantastic performances and learnt alot from the event and I'm postive each judoka will be back to have another go in the future or follow on into the BJA Competition pathway once they turn 8 years old.


Rio Grande

Fusegi Canoas Judo Brazil / Rio Grande do Sul / Canoas, held an action at Colégio Espírito Santo, where judokas gathered together and invited students to get to know the sport.





San Juan

The community organization Judo Boricua and the Black Mamba Club celebrate World Judo Day with a day of games between friends. We had the honor of having the participation of Puerto Rican Olympic judokas such as Francisco Rodríguez and Melissa Mojica. We celebrated the value of friendship and talked about how important are the friends inside and outside the tatami.



Gevrise Emane, triple World Champion and Olympic medallist participated in the IJF Judo Educational Journey Through Iran, in 2018. She shared her vision of the World Judo Day: “World Judo Day brings us back to the essence of judo, its values, the moral code. Because judo is more than a sport, these universal values connect us with the world.“



“We are glad to be a part of a big world judo family. We love judo and we respect Jigoro Kano Shihan's philosophy that judo is education. The photos were taken in Koper, Slovenia at the Cadet European Judo Cup 2018. We added our own slogan to the existing theme of the day; "Borders separate us, judo connects us," because our town Koper has always been a crossroad of different cultures. We are glad to have the president of Slovenian Judo Federation Mr. Darko Music and the president of Olympic Comittee Mr. Bogdan Gabrovec (also judoka) in our photos. We are especially happy to recieve a letter from the Japanese embassy in Slovenia, saying that they are honored that we are spreding the japanese culture through judo and that they fully supprot us. We in Slovenia are sending big, warm and sunny greetings to all judokas in the world! Slovenia loves you and wish everyone a great Judo Day.“



Edson Madeira Judo School is a non profit institution, affiliated with the Mozambican Judo Federation. For 2018 we showed a film about judo (A GREAT VITÓRIA) in partnership with the Embassy of Brazil and Unesco. More than 100 leading athletes and sympathizers were present. The event was attended by the Consul of Brazil in Mozambique, the Unesco Representative, Maputo City Sports Councilor, President of the Mozambican Judo Federation and the chairman of the Mozambican Olympic Committee. This was an initiative of Olympic athlete Edson Madeira.








Neil Adams, the ‘Voice of the IJF' delivered a message on the occasion of the World Judo Day: “It still astounds me after 50 years in the sport how Judo can transcend through politics and cultural differences. The very essence of our fighting spirit that our sport entails is what brings us all together in mutual respect, honour and friendship. I am proud to be called a Judoka.“




Kiribati Judo Federation (KJF) marked this important event for the very first time as we were established in February 2018. We opened with a fund judo session concluded with a small competition at our main training venue. It is followed up on October 28th with a lagoon swim and picnic function. KJF invited NOC and government officers along with judo friends who contributed majorly to its foundation.



Judoka in the Republic of Palau celebrated World Judo Day by hosting a tournament for the kids and juniors. 20 participants took part in the friendly competition with 5 categories of boys and girls. The tournament was followed by a lunch party with lots of food and sweets to celebrate Jigoro Kano's birthday.



Il Paladino Palestre Judo Club in Sutri celebrated World Judo Day for the first time this year. We organized a training session for children and adults. The judo Instructor Alessandro Ciccarese said: "We had a fantastic response and our celebration, really brought the judo community together to grow and progress in friendship and respect ".



The Albanian Judo Federation organized several sporting activities for the World Judo Day. Discussion about the founder of our sport, Jigoro Kano, were held various games with children and athletes of all ages were organised.



Friendship is on and out of the mat…Forever Judo & friends!!!


Tulua Valle


Saint John & Quispamsis

Two local clubs, Shimpokai (Saint John, NB, Canada) and Tani Koi (Quispamsis, NB, Canada) hosted a friendship class for World Judo Day. Athletes from both clubs got together to celebrate their love of judo, to train together, and most importantly to have fun. The older athletes from these clubs work together frequently but it was nice to have to younger athletes on the mats making new friends! This was the first year we held a World Judo Day event and it was such a success we can’t wait to do it again next year!



Curitiba - PARANÁ 

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Freetown, Bo city and Kabala

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Marinha Grande

As part of the celebration of the World Judo Day, an event was organized by the Marinha Grande Poente Schools Association through the Coordination of School Sports. Watch the Video (Facebook) - More Photos



“Judo is much more than a sport, it promotes the strengthening of principles and values that make judoca a good person. The judokas of Joaçaba (Brazil) celebrated the FRIENDSHIP in celebration of World Judo Day.


Houston, TX



We are a Türkish familly from Vienna, Austria: “Our motto: A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. Best Sis Best Bros!“



We organized a day of friendship on the reed beach in Guadeloupe with the club 'DAN'KETSU judo club capesterre belle eau' on Sunday 28th. Sports activities and playful parents and judokas were at the programme, followed by awards diplomas medals and snacks. It was a very nice and friendly day. This also allowed to have 3 new licensees in the club who shared the day with us and appreciated the values of our sport.




Gloria de Dourados

Judo is much more than art, it's a combination of values and duties that make its practitioners better people The one that takes the philosophy of judo seriouly for his life out of the dojo, will always be a person of good character and respect.


Sao Paulo

“Friendship since 80's when we became a family. Two generations training together.“ Academy: Judo Alexandre Mangueira - Dinos Judo SJC - Sao Jose dos Campos.



These 2 young boys of Singapore were born in 2010, and played Judo and Water Polo together! Both are from the same Judo Club “Jagsport” under Coach Gerard Lim! They went to Judo Competitions together but not in same weight category! They are the best friends.



In Sandnes judo club in Norway we had a great celebration with kids and parents. Judo, games and a lot of fun. After the session everybody got something to eat and drink.


Sao Paulo

Judo SESI Taubaté, São Paulo, Brazil



The Kodokan Cosenza Judo Club organized the world judo day with more than 130 judoka.


Campos dos Goytacazes

With this theme the Associação Desportiva Fernandes Leandro - ADFL, and Núcleo Regional de Judo celebrated the 6th World Judo Day. The Automóvel Clube Fluminense pole and the pole of the Força Jovem Universal were involved. On that occasion milk was donated to charities. All participants received Judo certificates to built the history of Judo in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil. Desadvantaged children attended the great Judo party.



We celebrated the World Judo Day in Huéscar, with and exhibition of our Judo Club (C.D. Judo Huéscar) in one of the primary schools of the town. There were about 250 people (45 judokas, parents and the school community). To begin with, we talked about what judo is, the physical and mental benefits of practicing Judo, its values and moral code.  After that, we played an episode of "Judo for the World", trying to show how Judo is practiced all over the world and in places that some people can't even imagine. Finally we demonstrated what we do in a judo lesson, showing the progression of different judo skills, ground and standing techniques in three different levels. Judokas were demonstrating and at the same time the teacher was explaining to the spectators what they were doing. We are the only Judo Club in this region, a rural area in the northeast of the province of Granada. The closest judo club is 150 km away, so Judo has become a big thing in our community. We started with 12 kids 6 years ago, and 6 years later we are 60 judokas in the Judo Club.




Reggio Emilia



At Budokan last Sunday, friends and family were welcome to join our kids' judo group. The course is for 3 to 5 years old children and their parent or other adult friend. The young got to play tag and other fun games, as the adults got some physical exercise while having good time together with their kids. By extending the invitation to friends and family, we had a great, happy, relaxed session, where the young judokas proudly demonstrated their hobby to their friends and people got to know each other a little better. After all the games had been played, we had our own version of mokuso - everyone resting their heads on each others belly. Budokan is a non-profit judo club in Vaasa, Finland. We have about 70 members, age ranging from 3 to 73.


Panama City

With diverse activities, the clubs of judo and FEUJUPA organized the celebration of the world day of Judo. Training sessions were held and they shared a good time.


Bad Aibling

New friends found in Portugal Department head Denis Weisser was very surprised when he received an e-mail request from Portugal a few days earlier. The judo club Judo Gonçalvinhense from Mafra / POR asked whether the clubs from Portugal and Germany wanted to get in contact with their participants for the World Judo Day, which was spontaneously affirmed. And so it happened: Many children and adolescents from Bad Aibling, as well as individual participants from the friendly neighboring clubs Ostermünchen, Babensham, Kolbermoor, Rosenheim and Mühldorf met in the dojo to train together and have fun. At the beginning of the training, the two clubs from Portugal and Germany contacted via Skype and talked to each other for the first time. It was a great and completely new experience to see how strangers approached each other and became friends within seconds through a common hobby. Department head Denis Weisser: "It was a lot of fun to talk to the Portuguese judoka and, interestingly, there was no fear of contact, on the contrary!" Anamaria Budiu and Aydin Dervic trained the children, adolescents and adults. Warm-up, games, techniques were on the program, as well as some Randoris, all had a lot of fun. The participants were given certificates to commemorate this beautiful judo day and afterwards they celebrated coffee and cake in the multifunctional room. Anamaria Budiu said : "Training in our super dojo was a lot of fun and getting to know new friends in Portugal was a unique experience."



As we had our judo class we did not want to miss World Judo Day here at our Cacilhas Parish Center in Portugal is a class from 3 to 5 years old who love to make judo. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE JUDOKAS OF THE WORLD.







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