World Judo Day 2017



Hungarian Judo Association


After having organized a successful World Judo Championships Individual and Teams at the end of the summer, the Hungarian Judo Association actively participated in the World Judo Day 2017. 

“As the International Judo Federation announced that the theme of the World Judo Day was courage, we wanted to draw the attention of the judo society to the importance of equalizing social differences and spiritual preparation before trainings and competitions. We are convinced that we can only succeed in the future if we keep in mind the long-term interests of our society in both our actions. We also tried to make children to accept this theme by having a courage test organized for them, which had to be done with blindfolded eyes.

We invited Miklós Ungvári, olympic medalist, László Kovács spiritual yoga trainer and János Tardos, sport director of IBSA. They had the chance to talk all together with judokas about how to deal with spiritual strength by the use of courage and confidence, and how to develop it in everyday life. We think this is a very nice initiative and we have taken a step to create a more cohesive judo family.“

Welsh Judo Association

Cardiff, Wales, UK

Olympic coaches Kanamaru Yusuke and George Bountakis delivered a special Gokyo class to mark #WorldJudoDay at the Welsh Judo Association’s national dojo in Cardiff. Former world silver medallist Kanamaru, who is on a one-year second from Japan, has guided -73kg maestro Ono Shohei to Olympic and world gold for Japan. The renowned coach of champions shared his skills with recreational judoka in Wales for #WorldJudoDay alongside Wales’ national coach Bountakis who coached at the London 2012 Olympics. Bountakis taught the group de-ashi-barai and okuri-ashi-barai while Kanamaru illustrated o-goshi and explained what differentiates it from uki-goshi and utsuri-goshi. The group posed for a #WorldJudoDay photo at the end of the class. For more information on judo in Wales visit www.welshjudo.com


Yasuhiro Yamashita


Mr. Yasuhiro yamashita, Judo legend, President of the All Japan Judo Federation and IJF Executive Committee member, invites you to joint he World Judo Day 2017. More information: http://www.judo.or.jp/p/43313 (Japanese)

Bushido Sing Judo/Jiu-Jitsu Club

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

My name is Keven Walsh. I am the owner of Bushido Sing Judo/Jiu-Jitsu Club. I began the dojo a little over a year ago. Originated at the YMCA under Sensei Robert Sing. Robert Sing my mentor and most impressive person I’ve ever met giving his time for 45years to the YMCA coaching Judo for free. The reason I named the Dojo Bushido Sing as he is the essence of a samurai warrior. 

Myself I am a recovering addict who 9 years ago changed his life because of Judo and my grand son being born however Judo becoming my entire life. Now changing and helping others and showing others how Judo can improve their lives.

WJD from Boucherville

Québec Canada

The club de judo Boucherville, Québec, Canada did celebrate the world judo day for the first time. It was the initiative of Fayçal Bousbiat 6th dan and technical director to gather more than 50 people on a beautiful Saturday afternoon . Judoka from 6 to over 60 years old had the COURAGE to attend a clinic given by Daniel De Angelis 6th dan, IJF kata commission member and Judo Canada general secretary. Everybody did enjoy the clinic and more important they all mentioned they will be back next year to celebrate again the world judo day. 

Panamerican Judo Confederation
and Judo Federation of the Dominican Republic

On this day the Panamerican Judo Confederation and the Judo Federation of the Dominican Republic celebrate it with the qualifying event for the Central American Games of Barranquilla 2018 with a participation of 19 countries and 168 athletes.

The official photo of the event was taken with athletes, managers, referees and staff of the event, demonstrating the union of the judoka on this special day.

DIscover the video that was made on that special occasion; CLICK HERE

Sports School of LPS Bihorul


World Judo Day 2017 was about Courage. We had the pleasure to celebrate Judo and Courage with more than 200 people - coaches, friends, media, judoka and they’re family - at our dojo in the Sports School of LPS Bihorul. 

The coaches of Judo Club Liberty Oradea organised this event and competition in which no one lost but Judo wan the courageous hearts of children and parents. We’ve learned that Courage is stronger than fear and every child received a gold medal for his effort. Happy World Judo Day to all the Judo Friends!

TSI Judo

Tromsø, Norway

The World Judo Day was celebrated by a practice for beginners and advanced judokas together. To illustrate this years word COURAGE we have, very proudly, decided to say;

“we have the courage to stand up against sexual harrassment in Judo“. Our Dojo is a place where people shall feel safe no matter the gender, nationality, religion and sexuality. We support, protect and stand up for eachother  #metoo #worldjudoday

Timisoara and Arad


We celebrate WORLD Judo DAY COURAGE with 70 Judokas from Timisoara and Arad. It was a special day for our Club becouse we also celebrate 6 Years of Judo PHOENIX activity. In this 6 years our Club was involved in social projects like "Judo&education, a future with judo, for a better society". In this project our club tought 140 kids and we gave them a chance with Judo values and education for a better life.


Federation of judo of the city of Sochi


On October 28, 2017 at the Universal sports complex "SAMBO 70" took place the open championship of the city of Sochi. The open championship was organized by Ivanov Nick in commemoration of the world day of judo. During the competition medals and diploma were awarded to the winners to celebrate the World Judo Day.

"World judo day is a celebration for all athletes, coaches, fans – people who are passionate about one of the most popular sports in the world. World judo day in Sochi now become a traditional event, a celebration of harmony judo and its principles," said Eledinov Vladimir, 5 Dan Judo, President of Federation of judo of the city of Sochi.

Aden City


Yemen celebrated the World Judo Day in Aden city. Discover all the images: CLICK HERE (PDF document)

Ippon Judo Academy

Cairo, Egypt

We are Ippon Judo Academy located in Cairo Egypt. We celebrated the world Judo day by making a belt exams and taking pictures and giving the judokas the participation certificates.

Refugee program

South Africa

The IJF is running a refugee program in South Africa. Roberto Orlando, who is in charge of the programme celebrated the World Judo Day with the young refugee children. 

Fernandes Leandro Sporting Association

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Fernandes Leandro Sporting Association, the Regional Judo Nucleus of the 6th Region with the seal of the Judo Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the support of ACF, held a special class on October 28, 2017. On this occasion, some veterans were honored. 80 litres of milk were also collected and will be donated to a charitable instituition that shelters children (Portal da Infância).

Association 'Ponte d'amitie'


At the beginning of September, the association 'Ponte d'amitie', of Logroño, walked 160 kilometers of the way of Saint - Jacques, within the framework of the CHALLENGE THE PATH OF THE JUDOKA. The last stage, from O Empalme to Santiago de Compostela, took place with the participation of the children of Judo Club Compostela Gym by Javier Rial Seoane. A demonstration of the motto of the World Judo Day: COURAGE, as these children have demonstrated by traveling nearly twenty kilometers of the Way dressed in judogui and united by a solidarity cause. HAPPY JUDO 2017 WORLD DAY.

Iowa, USA

We love humor as well: “What happens when you invite a bunch of judoka to your wedding on World Judo Day and one of them is a fast paced, hard charging, professional urban judo photographer. Iowa, USA.“

Grupo Recreativo Goncalvinhense


The Grupo Recreativo Goncalvinhense (Mafra - Portugal) celebrated the World Judo Day 2017 - Courage in our Dojo with our athletes. We are very proud to belong to this family. Happy Birthday. Watch the video at: CLICK HERE

Judo from Aveiro celebrated World Judo Day in Ovar


Last Saturday, the Judo community of Aveiro celebrated another World Judo Day, this year dedicated to the value of Courage. Gathered at the Doce Vita Arena in Ovar, it was a journey with a lot of Judo, but also with a lot of fun, since Judo activities were joined by others specially designed for the younger ones, such as circus animation, an inflatable and video teaching videos. After a full day of fun and great performances of the youngest judoka of the District, everyone has to be congratulated.

World Judo Day with Alina Dumitru, Olympic Champion


Children celebrated the World Judo Day together with judo hero and Olympic Champion, Alina Dumitru, in association with Club Steaua Bucharest. SEE THE VIDEO.

Comité de Gironde


On the weekend of October 27 and 28, 2017, the French Judo Federation organized in Ceyrat the Coupe de France Minimes by teams of departments. This date corresponds to the "World Judo Day" on the occasion of the birthday of Jigoro KANO. The Gironde committee decided to take advantage of this great opportunity to raise awareness on this subject and the theme "Courage" selected by the IJF.

This awareness was raised during the trip back and forth in the form of riddles on the courage value, the moral code, the birth of Jigoro Kano and Judo. But the most beautiful demonstrations were made on the tatami during the matches where the teams, girls and boys, have shown the courage to compete. On the first day our women's team was strongly encouraged by the boys in the stands. The next day it was the girls who proved they had a voice to cheer on the boys. A young referee and a young sports commissioner officiated during this weekend and showed courage. The entire accompanying team was very proud of the courage shown by our young fighters throughout the weekend. A diploma was given to them. Follow the Facebook page: CLICK HERE

Brazilian Judo Federation (CBJ)


CLICK HERE to find the video that the Brazilian Judo Federation posted last Saturday, as part of our campaign celebrating #WorldJudoDay. This video was posted in all CBJ social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Seven cards also were posted, each one representing one of the Seven Principles of Bushido.

Judo Club Biokovo - Makarska Cup

Croatian Judo federation

Makarska Cup 28.10.2017.

After having organized a seccessful Grand Prix and the Junior World Championships, the Croatian Judo Federation organized an other important event that gathered 505 competitors from 33 clubs and 8 countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Czechia, Belgium, Ukraine. The event was dedicated to the World Judo Day. CLICK HERE to discover the facebook page.

Judo Club Samobor


Italian Judo Federation


The Italian Judo Federation decided to celebrate the World Judo Day with using "courage" to fight against bullying. The World Judo Day was celebrated in the Olympic Center Matteo Pellicone, emphasizing the word "courage" and organizing an event against bullying called "I, Judo and the Bully: Italian Judo in the Field against Bullying".

About 300 Roman schoolchildren met Judo Olympic Athletes - including Rosalba Forciniti, Matteo Marconcini, Girolamo Giovinazzo, Felice Mariani, Paolo Bianchessi, Elio Verde, Elios Manzi - Athletes of the National Juniors Team - among them Christian Parlati, Giovanni Esposito, Gabriele Sulli, Alessia Ritieni - and the testimonials of other federal sports such as Frank Chamizo and Daigoro Timoncini for Wrestling and Luigi Busà for Karate.

They had the chance to talk all together about how to deal with adversity by the use of courage and confidence, how to rise up from the falls that are frequent not only in Judo but even in everyday life and how the teachings of Jigoro Kano, founder of Judo, are applicable to sport, friendships, life. The young people were able to interview directly the Champions who told their own life experiences: beginnings, disappointments, victories, confidence and commitment.

The event was realized with the collaboration of the “Assessorato alla Scuola, allo Sport ed ai Grandi Eventi - Department of School, Sport and Great Events” and the “Assessorato Persona, Scuola e Comunità Solidale – Department of Person, School and Solidarity Community” of the Council of Rome, with the partnership of "La Gazzetta dello Sport" and with the sponsorship of CONI Lazio and the National Observatory against Bullying and Doping. MORE IMAGES CLICK HERE

Instituto Yukay - Catamarca


"Judo is Courage in action, because it is a virtue in life and in judo itself it manifests frequently. Just as in the fight it is the strength of the will to carry out an action in spite of the impediments, it is like attacking in spite of the effort of the opponent. It is also the ability to overcome the falls and get up once again to continue fighting. Is to return to the next class to the next training, is to recognize that we still lack more effort to progress as we want. Courage leads to confronting important situations (such as tournaments, or a situation on the street) overcoming the fear of failing in them; and it is also the strength to do something for someone or for oneself without commitment to do it.

Nobody forces us to enter the dojo to make an effort to do judo ... to have courage is to defeat the fear of doing something is to defeat the fear of defeat, is to accept that we can be defeated, but never bend or surrender. At the end of the day a black belt is the same as a white belt that never left. That’s why the winners never quit, the quitters never win. Courage helps us feel good and proud of us by achieving something that costs us or scares us. And we must bear in mind that participation is already a very important achievement always, it is to accept that not only the triumph is worth, but also the effort is important. That is why the courage is to overcome our own adversities when we really need it. Physical courage is opposed to pain and physical fatigue, heavy training or the possibility of injury or falls. Another form of courage, morality drives us to act as we consider correct despite receiving criticism, discredit, shame, dishonour or social reprisals. In judo and in life itself there are many examples of courage..."


The Zambian Judo Federation organized several competitions and took this occasion to celebrate the World Judo Day.


Yama Arashi Udine held a special exhibition to mark #WorldJudoDay with all the club’s judoka going into the community to promote the sport they love.

Judoka of all ages took part in a technical session and randori in the centre of the city with many on-lookers intrigued by their efforts. 



The highly-regarded club is the home of Zagreb Grand Prix bronze medallist Matteo Medves and his younger sister Giada Medves (above) who also fights for the Italian national team. 



For more information on Yama Arashi Udine VISIT

Judo Club Vila Real


We had a particular celebration of World Judo Day. We set up the tatami on the street, in the town square, in front of the town hall. It was a very fun day in which we encouraged to try judo to boys and girls who came to watch. READ MORE

Mongolian Judo Association

Mongolian Judo Association was honored to organize and celebtrate Judo For World day as usual on October 28, 2017. We organized the Cadet and Junior Borjin Cup competition in the Capital city Ulaanbaatar. Nearly 1000 members including Seniors, cadets, juniors and veterans of judo were involved. Courage is the true meaning of Mongolian Judo this year after result of WC, said HE Mr. Battulga Khaltmaa, President of MJA and President of the Country. On the World Judo Day, 3 high level judokas received the highest presidential awards as well. Dorjsuren Sumya, newly World champion, received medal of Hero of Achivement of Mongolia. Baldorj Mungunchimeg and Ganbaatar Odbayar also received medal of Honored Athelete of Mongolia. 

Judo Federation of Uzbekistan


The Judo Federation of Uzbekistan, which recetnly organized the IJf Tashkent Grand Prix, organized a big celebration on the occasion of the World Judo Day. Among the participants was Judo hero Rishod Sobirov, three time Olympic medallist and two time World Champion.


Federación Uruguaya de Judo

The Judo Federation of Uruguay celebrated the World Judo Day. Discover all the images at: CLICK HERE

Ecole de judo de Villandraut

France (33)

On Friday, October 20, 2017, because of the school holidays, the Villandraut Judo School, its leaders and its teachers organized an anticipated party for the "World Judo Day" on the occasion of Jigoro Kano's anniversary.

The aim of this event was to bring together the activities offered by the Judo-Jujitsu Club of Villandraut, the opportunity for practitioners from Taiso, Judo Jujitsu-Self defense and children's judo classes to get together for a convivial evening. Many parents were present to look at their children and especially for the challenges of the youngest to oldest... enough to show what "courage" could be.

The course began with a collective bow, followed by a 10-minute mondo on World Judo Day' theme, "courage", and an exchange between teachers and the youngest judoka. Then a warm-up led by the Taiso group, then a demonstration of the Nage-No-Kata by two young people, followed by techniques in Ne-Waza, Ne-Waza randoris. Then the adult judo / Jujitsu group gave a technical demonstration preceded by the first 12 techniques of Goshin-Jitsu made by two orange belt.

Before the final bow, a yellow belt was given to a young student and a diploma commemorating the day was given to all participants.
A photo shoot and a VIP reception closed this beautiful evening.

The photos and a video of this evening have been posted on the club's Facebook page: CLICK HERE.

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this success possible.

Ginnastica Sangiovannese Judo


World Judo Day in Bad Aibling


The World Judo day 2017 was held in the new “Bad Aibling Dojo”, which was the perfect location for this special event. Honoring the birthday of judo founder Jigoro Kano more than 40 judoka came together and trained under the theme “courage”, together with the values of judo.

Bad Aiblings president Denis Weisser welcomed the judoka, as well as regional politicians, who have supported the sports club TuS Bad Aibling, home of the “Judo Team Bad Aibling”. Irene Durukan, head of the local “courage club”, talked to the participants, mostly children, concerning “courage” and how to behave on the tatami and in other situations of life.

An amazing judo demonstration held by Anamaria Budiu and Stefan Boehm followed: Elegant style, music, slow motion and high speed judo at its best- it was breathtaking! A training for judoka of all ages and levels was held: Warming up, games, techniques and randori: Everybody had fun.

After the training the kids wrote down what courage means to them and nice profits could be won at a tombola supported by Bad Aibling’s companies. Food and drinks were served at the “After Judo Party”, celebrating together with family and friends, IJF-judo-videos could be watched in Germany’s first “judo cinema”.

A perfect day – Happy World judo Day…and thanks Jigoro for the courage you give us!

Polizeisportverein Königsbrunn


Dear World Judofamily, a happy World Judoday 2017 from Polizeisportverein Königsbrunn / Germany.



Bula and Happy World Judo Day from Suva, Fiji. Diplomas were handed out to everyone who attended today’s training and a brief background given to them on why World Judo Day is celebrated as well as this year’s theme of Courage.


Associação de Judô Messias

São Paulo Brazil

Associação de Judô Messias, in São Paulo Brazil, one of the oldest dojos in the country (since 1949) celebrated the World Judo Day 2017 based on Courage, and prepared a workshop  to teach our judokas CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and have courage and basic knowlodge in emergency situations. The content was adapted for children/teenagers and taught by local firefighters in our dojo.

Iran Judo Federation


Judo School in Rasht


The Judo school in Rasht organized the World Judo Day around sensei Morteza Nouri.




On this important day for our Sport, we organized an activity that we carried out in our City Bucaramanga in the Department of Santander in Colombia.

Kano Club

Bogota, Colombia

Equatorial Guinea

A few days in advance, on October 15, a judo event was held at the Equatorial Guinean Judo Federation, to celebrate World Judo Day and the National Day of Equatorial Guinea. It consisted of a speech by the President of the FEGUIJUDO, Jose Nguema Biyogo, a judo demonstration and a master class.

Judo Club Izegem



Austrian Judo Federation

The Austrian Judo Federation organized the National Championships Seniors on October 28th 2017 in Hard, Vorarberg. At the Victory Ceremonies we used Rollups near the podium to announce the Word Judo day. Discover the pictures at CLICK HERE


Ikast-Brande Gymnasium


On Saturday, October 28 2017, we open our first judo line at a high School, Ikast-Brande Gymnasium. It was organized on the occasion of Jigoro Kano’s birthday. We had a lot to celebrate this day! Now it’s possible to practice elite judo while being in high school. We are very excited to give this opportunity to our judoka. World Judo Day was also celebrated I Denmark in team matches between clubs. World Judo Day was also celebrated in several clubs in Denmark. They held Open House for school children or practice for beginners and advanced judokas together.

Desde el Judo Club Valle Arriba Athletic

Caracas - Venezuela

Congratulations to all of you for this great "World of Judo 2017" Day with the motto of Courage poart of the Moral code of Judo. In our Children's Judo Clubs we continue to instill moral values and promote Judo, especially children. A great greeting.

Polish Judo Association social ninja

Courage from Poland!

This year we decided to present to you the courage of Polish judo players. Their pyramids are difficult, high and require courage and proficiency! This way we celebrate the  World Judo day! lub ostatnie zdanie - 'this is how we celebrate the  World Judo day!

Bushido judo Canley vale


To celebrate world judo day 2017, Bushido judo Canley vale organised for an outdoor warm up and Uchi komi session. It was a great session not only was it fun for the young children to train outside for a change but we were excited to be encouraged by the passerby and cars driving pass. Our warm up was followed up by a tachi waza and ne waza masterclass ran by our clubs coach and assistance coaches, then it was time for our mini in-house competition. It was a great session supported by all our judokas, their parents and even some of our injured members had the courage to turn up to support their friends.

Lisbon Judo District Association


The Lisbon Judo District Association held a training session with about 60 athletes from 10 clubs in Lisbon: Sporting Clube de Portugal, Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Academia de Judo da Amadora, Sport Algés e Dafundo, Colégio Integrado Monte Maior, Escola de Judo Nuno Delgado, Grupo Recreativo Gonçalvinhense, Judo Clube Portugal, Oficinas de São José and Judo Clube de Lisboa. We could count on the assistance of the 2 times Olympic athlete and bronze medal in the European Championship of Seniors, Joana Ramos. If you want, you can follow our facebook page at: CLICK HERE



My club is in Portugal in a city called Almada which is on the other side of the river just in front of Lisbon. For the World Judo Dayn, we organized a class together with the Parents and we also organized a Judo training in our club "JUDO CLUBE PRAGAL".

Judo Federation of Serbia


We would like to inform you that the Judo Federation of Serbia has joined the World Judo family in celebrating the World Judo Day and promoting our sport. On the 27th of October a press conference was held in the premises of the Judo Federation of Serbia, where we announced that, regarding the World Judo Day, the National Championship for our young judokas, born in 2005th and 2006th, will be held in the city of Zrenjanin.

On the 28th of October in Zrenjanin more than 250 competitors participated in 18 weight categories. There were a lot of reporters, and each participant got a diploma of the World Judo Day, which we downloaded from the IJF website. Judo Federation of Serbia is a family that grows by each day in all its segments thanks to the help of the IJF, and we would like to use this opportunity to thank you on behalf of all judokas in the Republic of Serbia for everything that you do for our Federation.


Michaël Droz-dit-Busset - Judo teacher

For my contribution to the World Judo Day from Switzerland, I've asked people (judoka or not) to explain what they think about courage and I put all together in a booklet: READ THE BOOKLET.


Estonia celebrates World Judo Day by hosting a judo seminar for women and girls to honour the #girlpower in the judo world. During the weekend, women and girls gathered to discuss the power of judo, the judo moral code and the impact of positive role models. Through lectures and workshops, they talked about different career paths in the sport world and how to get more girls in Estonia to try out the sport. Females from age 9 to 60 came together to train, inspire each other and empower more girls to be active in this sport. Happy World Judo Day from the Estonian female judo community!

The seminar was organized with the support from IOC Young Change-maker programme and Panasonic.


The Lebanon Judo Federation celebated the World Judo Day

Nanyang Polytechnic Judo Club


On the very day, we celebrated World Judo Day with our club and taught our club the history of Judo, Judo's principles, Moral values and also the meaning behind this year's theme Courage. To watch our full PHOTO ALBUM and VIDEO is here. This year Nanyang Polytechnic Judo Club, Singapore had organised a celebration training event to educate our members the history of Judo, as well as the moral values of Judo led by our head coach Stephen Chee Sensei and assisting him in his conduct were his deputy coach, Neo Li Han and Vincent Tang. This year's theme was "Courage" and we decided to spread an important message for all of them through an educational training. We wanted to instil the moral courage in all of them to stand up against obstacles in front of them in life, which includes the courage to face their fears and stand up and protect each and everyone.

On this event, we invited back the school club's alumni members back for a good ol' fashion reunion training and to mingle around, share their knowledge and experiences with the current batches of students. It was a heartening event that reunites the club and creating the cohesiveness and unity for everyone, also we took the opportunity to honour some of our veterans and the committee members of the club to make this such a successful school event. Thank you very much for this amazing platform for all of the judo clubs around the world to share our wonderful moments and interpretations for the sports that we all love.

University of the Philippines Judo Club 


Last October 28, the University of the Philippines Judo Club was joined by Special Olympic Philippines (SOP) in honor of World Judo Day 2017! We were joined by SOP athletes Robin Conanan, Carl Jason Garcia, Henry and Derek Munarriz, Marlon Tindoc, Dick delos Santos, Glenn Ronquillo, Neil Pangilinan, and Marielle Angeles in a basic Judo training event. Part of SOP's youth leadership initiative is training their leaders to open opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities (ID), and we are glad to have been given this chance to share Judo with them. The photos of our celebration can be found HERE.

Judo klub Zeleznicar


we're one of the oldest Judo clubs in Slovenia, since 1954 till now we have educated many great Judokas. In translation our name is Ironcharm what means that our Judokas are strog like Iron and their randories have Charm and this is what we are. find more on our Facebook page HERE or on our WEB PAGE. We also made a VIDEO.

ErechimRio Grande do Sul


I am Sensei Giuliano Liotto, from ErechimRio Grande do Sul, Brazil. We celebrated the World Judo Day 2017. This year, the two time world champion, João Derly, join in the event. We transformed this day in our University's extension project, so each year we will be contributing to our event for the strengthening of Judo in our country. We hope to maintain good contact with the International Judo FederationBest greetings. We appreciate and applaud the initiative of the World Judo Day !!!



Nepal Judo Federation

Our Celebration of the World Judo Day-Courage 2018 was held on 28th and 29th October 2017 in different parts of Nepal. Only in Kathmandu, we had activiites in the main national Dojo, Banke Dojo and Nepal Police dojo. All togethr about 260 judokas and federation members attended in these function. Mr.SAITO Yoshisada, 8 dan coach of Kodokan who was a Special guest at main Dojo at Kathmandu and also trained to our judoka National and International players with his Thailand partner on 28th October. We all had celebrated the Bithday of Prof. Jigero Kano by cutting Cake.

Similarly Banke Judo Dojo observed this by cleaning streets and bridge in Banke to raise the awareness of cleanness in the society. Where as Nepal Police club Dojo celebrated the birthday of Prof. Kano by organizing a function followed by judo demonstration. Some of our local news papers are also covered the event.

Judo Federation of India 

Around 80 judokas with their coaches alongwith support staff celebrated World Judo Day with this year's theme being 'Courage' at Judo Federation of India (JFI) Training Centre in Anantapur Sports Academy, a sport for development initiative by Rural Development Trust, Anantapur, India.

The Judo Program reaches out to 4599 children (2069 girls, 2530 boys) in 45 schools spread across Anantapur. READ MORE about the programme.

Judo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Judo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrated WORLD JUDO DAY – COURAGE 2017 during the 17th International judo tournament „BiH and Nippon“ which held in cooperation with the Japanese Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over 400 judokas take part on this tournament from 50 clubs. The youngest judokas take part of this tournament and also our best athletes was there Larisa Cerić and Aleksandra Samardžić. During this tournament and World Judo Day we invite Antidoping agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina to promote Sport without doping.


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