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Judo Unites the World



The Japanese judo community celebrated the World Judo Day, with Mr. Yasuhiro Yamashita, Olympic and World Champion, IJF Executive committee member, who declared: "We can bring a lot of educative value to the youth through this World Judo Day promoted by the International Judo Federation. for us, judo people, UNITY means that we represent a big family with different nationality and cultures. Thanks to judo, we can help building peace in the world. This is a great theme."



"The World Judo Day is an official celebration and is a very important event for the Mongolian Judo Association. MJA have organized an open door judo clinic day and invited our veterans and pioneers of Mongolian judo. Also there were many youth and juniors together joined by the national team members. MJA Executive members and most of our World and Olympic Medalists were present. The judo training started with warming up with this year’s World Championships bronze medalists Sainjargal NYAMOCHIR, Dorjsuren SUMYA and Tsedevsuren MUNKHZAYA.

It was followed by a demonstration of their best TACHIWAZA techniques. Also Sensei Galdan JAMSRAN showed the TAISABAKI movement and President of Mongolian Judo Association Mr. Khaltmaa BATTULGA demonstrated NEWAZA technics. But the most important is that we wwanted to deliver a message of best value for our sport: UNITY. This day is very important for all who cares about Judo. It showed our unity all around the World. At the end of the clinic, the MJA organized a special reception with World Judo Day and IJF cakes. Judo is bringing peace, harmony, friendship and our best value of communication."



It was the wish of the French Judo Federation to actively participate in the World Judo Day, like they did in the past years. The activity was led by Michel Brousse, as the Cultural delegate of the FFJudo and author of the IJF Judo for the World book. The idea is to promote the judo culture for all and especially for the young ones throughout activities that directly concern them. The poster and the comic book were particularly adapated to spread the message to the youth. The authors are tallented graphic designers, who are working for major US video games companies.


The Pôle France de Strasbourg (high level training center) celebrated the World Judo Day


Contribution from Michaël Droz-dit-Busset, Judo teacher - DOCUMENT IN FRENCH



The Italian judo team celebrated the World Judo Day


Brescia, Italy: Also this year was celebrated the World Judo Day in "Forza e Costanza" (Brescia, Italy). "Unity" is the theme of 2015. Our team organized a judo session for children and senior athlets, friends and fans to understand what is unity. On the tatami were present about 80 partecipants.

The coaches Roberto Vecchi and Francesco Bertolotti, during the traning combined each senior judoka with younger and they do the same activities. The purpose of this training was to explain that judo is an individual sport but also a team sports. In fact  each judoka grow and improves his ability with his teammates. The Unity is a fundametal principle, because every athlets will be better only compare themselves with the most number of judoka. At the end of training each partecipant received a certificate of  attendance and a small gift in memory of this fantastic experience.


Marco Ciannavei, a judo coach from Udine (D.L.F. Yama Arashi Judo Udine, Italy) organized a judo session to celebrate the World Judo Day. Jigoro Kano's story was explained to the children, who admire the founder of judo.


World Judo Day was celebrated in ARAD, Romania. Around 100 athletes not only from Arad, but also from the county were present on 28th of October 2015 in CSM’s dojo for celebrating properly on tatami. The event brought in dojo a lot of happiness, emotions and colours. The children and their parents were very delighted by organizer’s intiative headed by Dorin Drimbe, coach at CSM Arad. The association Cetatea Voluntarilor Arad also helped occurring this event.

They celebrated with artistic moments of judo demonstrations and games, Romanian specific songs and dances, drawings, awardings for the best judokas from Arad like Luca Kunszabo (transferred meanwhile at Liberty Oradea Club), David Nagy and Beata Kabat. 

Usain Silvia Florentina, a Romanian coach from Timisoara, also celebrated with her pupils the World Judo Day - Unity. They had a special schedule and they celebrated it by playing a lot of games and they prepared drawings which illustrated the key-word. 



"Our big congratulations to all Judoka, Sensei and students with the International Day of Judo. We are very happy to be a small part of the big Judo family. We represent Armenia a mountainous country with unique sport habitats with our  Judo "Spartak" team under Sensei Harut Amirkhanyan. Our Special regards to Senaei Joao "Joca" De Souza for his support he made for the revealing of our team. We  beleive that this great way of Judo combines millions of people all over the world."


The Guam Judo Association celebrated the World Judo Day and organized a judo class focussing on the theme of UNITY. Diplomas were distributed to all participants and instructors. During the class the principle of the World Judo Day was explained. The adults helped the children and all age groups were represented.


We celebrated the World Judo Day with a mini judo competition for children (Bishkek city)


Dear Judo Friends,
It is an honor and privilege to congratulate you the world judo day from my name and also on behalf of Macedonian Judo Federation. 

This day is without doubt a great day for us, and a day when we collect and recapitulate the accomplishments of the whole year’s hard work.  Appreciating Your efforts for promotion of Judo as sport and as a way of life, I would like to inform you that, as a small country with modest results and judo history we are actively working on its promotion.
We are aware that there is no better promotion than sport success, and we are constantly putting our effort with accent on the young judokas, as well as judges that are able to promote the spirit of Judo.

At the end I would like to point out that this year’s moto, Unity, is the most important segment in achieving our common goals, and I sincerely expect that with better mutual cooperation and communication we will come closer in achieving those goals. Vanco Nastov - President of Judo Federation of Macedonia

Ippon Judo Club from Skopje, Macedonia. We congratulated October 28th, the World Judo Day. United we are stronger!


The Judokan Club in Valencia, Spain, organized a special judo training session on the beach to celebrate the World Judo Day.

The Judo Federation of Valencia celebrated the World Judo Day with great enthusiasm. We organized a training session with the youngest judo players and with the slogan "Unity", which was explained to them together with the history of judo and of Jigoro Kano. We gathered in a circle as a symbol of our “UNITY”.

JUDO CLUB VILA-REAL - Vila-real (Castellón)


UNITY is the characteristic of what is one, forming an organic whole. Judo represents, in itself the unity of mind and body. Unity with others and sharing efforts and sacrifices results in the mutual benefit (Jita Kyoei) which is one of the pillars of our sport and way of life. It is the UNITY that we cultivate every time we share knowledge, every time we teach values, every time we draw attention to citizenship and civility. That is our reason to exist and that is what we live and work for every day at Judo Clube de Portimão (Portugal).

Discover more about the club - CLICK HERE (Video)


The Judo ACD Ferragudo, Algarve, Portugal, celebrated the World Judo Day

We belong to one of the most popular clubs in Portugal, Sport Algés e Dafundo, the club of Nuno Delgado, bronze medalist in Sidney 2000. We have around 100 judocas training, of all ages. We have a special program of training for the judocas parents, so they can better understand Judo. In Algés we teach Judo more than we only have training, we teach The Moral Code and Judo techniques. We prepare good citizens before preparing just good judocas, because we believe that only a good citizen can be a great judoca. A good World Judo Day to all from Portugal.


The Portuguese Judo Federation and Clube Judo Total held on Wednesday, October 28th, a demonstration of adapted judo and Olympic judo, celebrating the best of the World Judo Day and the 56th Anniversary of Portuguese Judo Federation. The action took place in the Central Square of the Colombo Shopping Centre in Lisbon, between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm with the presence of the President of FPJ José Manuel A. Costa and Oliveira and the Olympic medalist and athlete, Master Nuno Delgado and the Dr. Fernando Seabra (President of the Organizing Committee of IBSA proof) and athletes Clube judo Total including two Paralympic athletes. The desire of the International Judo Federation has been fulfilled through the interaction between the atheletes and the public uniting people through sport. In this demonstration, it was also promoted the European Judo Championship for Blind - "IBSA European Judo Championship 2015" to be held 25-30 November at the Pavilhão Multiusos de Odivelas.


"It was the first time we celebreted the Worldjudoday. We normally have 4 classes at wednesday and about 50 children and 30 adult comming to judo at wednesday in the club. We have invited all members from the club to join the classes in 3 different age groups. After Each session we talked about Jigori Kano, judo and its worldvide success. We talked about the World judo day and it was celebrating all over the world. We had 4 big judocakes with World Judo Day and Amager Judo logo. We had a lotteri for all judokas, where they or their parents have to write the best thing about Judo and there best judo experience, and there names. We had about 130 judokas from 4 to 64 years on the tatami, and 3 great judo lessons." Henrik Hemmingsen - Amager Judo Skole


Discover the video on Facebook - CLICK HERE


"We just came back yesterday to work after a long holiday in Nepal due to our big festival of Dashara, the biggest Hindu festival of Nepal. We distributed relief Fund of USD500 per head to 40 person including players, coaches and judo officials who lost their houses completely on 19th October 2015 amid a function in the National Sports Council complex at Kathmandu. Mr. Jeevan Ram Shrestha, President of the Nepal Olympic Committee, was the chief guest and distributed the fund. This celebration was put in the frame work of the World Judo Day."


October 28, 2015 at the Universal sports complex "lasarevskoye" took place the open championship of the city of Sochi. The open championship was organized by the Sochi Judo Federation in commemoration of the world day of judo.

During the competition medals and diploma were awarded to the winners to celebrate the World Judo Day.

"World judo day is a celebration for all athletes, coaches, fans – people who are passionate about one of the most popular sports in the world. World judo day in Sochi is celebrated for the first time and will now become a traditional event, a celebration of harmony judo and its principles," - noted Vitaliy Verkhoturov M., 3 DAN, Vice-President of Federation of judo of the city of Sochi.


The World Judo day was held on October 28, 2015 at the National Judo House in Dominican Republic. One first activity was held at 10:00 am with a meeting with 10 schools sponsored by the International Judo Federation. Children from the invited club met with the founder of Judo in Dominican Republic, sensei Mamoru Matsunaga, who provided a practical talk about importance of Judo for the Youth. In the afternoon, at 5:00, we had a practical judo session in recognition of the founder of Judo in Dominican republic, where participants were invited together with all civil and military authorities of sports and olympic movement, as well as the Japanese Ambassador. During those activities the Hall of Fame exhibition of Martial Arts was presented. A gift from the International Judo Federation President, Marius Vizer, was delivered. Both events were transmitted on the Dominican Judo Federation website (fedojudo.org) and on the Dominican Olympic Committee website.


“Celebrations of the World Judo Day on 28th October 2015 at the Anantapur Sports Academy in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India were enjoyed three fold, as our District Judo teams had just returned from a three day tournament. The district Judoka teams for both boys and girls had performed exceptionally well, winning themselves the Junior State Level Championship with every participant returning home with a medal. The celebrations began at RDT-JFI Training Centre in a traditional Indian way with respects & tributes to Jigoro Kano, the founder of the Sport of Judo and Father Vicente Ferrer, the founder of Rural Development Trust (RDT) a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) that works to develop weaker sections of society through various community programs, one being through sports including this Judo Program. The International Judo Federation’s chosen theme of UNITY depicts one of the many values that Judo teaches Judokas the world over. Our Judokas were enlightened by words from the Sports & Cultural Director of RDT, E F Xavier who later distributed the State Championship medals to the judokas and concluded the celebrations by cutting a cake as a token of #WorldJudoDay.”

Celebration world judo day at karnataka in Bangalore


We started Judoclub Sonkei this october with new kids and some came over from other clubs. We turned a garage from one of the little judokas into a dojo, just to practice judo. Our training days are Tuesday and Thursday, so we decided to keep the excercises centred around the WorldJudoDay theme: Unity. Judoclub Sonkei is situated in Suriname, South America. We purchased our own mat with the help of parents and sponsors and off course our own finances.

See more images of the World Judo Day in Suriname - CLICK HERE


"I am Sensei Giuliano Liotto, Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, we celebrated the World Judo Day. We transformed this day to include is as a project of our University, so each year we will be contributing to it in order to strength Judo in our country. We hope to maintain optimum contact with the International Judo Federation. We appreciate and applaud the initiative of the World Judo Day !!!"

For the third time in a row the Pedro Dias Judo School, coached by the former olympian and european medalist, organized the “Copa Team Nogueira Kids”. This competition gathered together more then 100 young children from 4 to 12 years old from all the region in a competition in a Shopping Mall. It was a unique moment of friendship and overcoming and a great way to show and promote judo values and philosophy to all the community. This year, the theme was Unity and this is what Judo is all about. On the same tatami we had afro descendants, asians, muslins, poor, rich but with our judogui we are all the same… united in Judo! We can’t wait for next year!


The Ivory Coast Judo Federation (FIJDA) organized an important celebration on the occasion of the World Judo Day on Wednesday October 28 at the PARC DES SPORT DE TREICHVILLE, gathering 14 clubs and more than 300 judoka.





We are a young club of judo. We mainly train children, the oldest being 9 years old and the youngest 2 years old. Our coach is Jolanta Lewczak - Brożyna. It was the first time that we celebrated the World Judo Day. Our guests were people who used to train in judo, but wrestling and aikido as well. We organized a judo session for our children together with their friends. Japanese food (sushi and food with japanese colour) was served. We explained how to put the belt on (obi), and how to wear the judogi. At the end of our judo day we presented the medals and diploma to the children and coaches.


The Guatemala Judo Federation joined to the World Judo Day, celebrating on October 28th, with the theme UNITY. We hold the World Judo Day on this date as it is the birthday of Master Jigoro Kano who ensured that judo would unite people as a sport. Judo has showed that the UNITY is important to the social and sport development, connecting all the judokas to share experiences and practice this important martial art. Since the year 2011, Guatemala is part of this great celebration organizing sport activities in all the National Dojos with the purpose to join all the judokas and remember the importance of the Judo around the world. READ MORE

DENMARK (7 clubs)

World Judo Day was also celebrated in Denmark. Judo Danmark wanted to help judoclubs in Denmark to have a wonderful World Judo Day. Therefore we made roll-ups, posters and postcards to help them. Several lokal papers wrote about World Judo Day and local TV showed actvities in the clubs. Discover more about all the activities in Denmark CLICK HERE


On October 28th, several sports association gathered together arounf the 2015 theme, UNITY. The session took place from different places accross Europe in France, Slovenia, Italy and a video-ceonference was organized at the end of the session. The following organisations participated: 1) Polisportiva Judo Villanova, Pordenone in Italy; 2) Compiégnois Martiaux Arts, Paris, France; 3) Judo étoiles Napoli, Italy; 4) Judo RIPA, Logroño, Spain; 5) Judo Klub, Koper, Slovenia; 6) Judokan, Valence, Spain.


We are a small judo club from Opole in Poland. We celebrated the world day judo. And we hope that it was the most fantastic day all over the world.


This year’s theme "UNITY" of the World Judo Day united in Kiev more than 600 participants. Vice-presidents of Ukrainian Judo Federation, Marketing Director EJU Aleksandr Nagibin and bronze medalist of XXVII Olympic Games in Sidney Ruslan Mashurenko together with honored and beginner coaches and top athletes in Kiev Iakiv Khammo, Iryna Kindzerska, Viktoriia Turks, Bogdan Iadov, Viktor Makukha, Anton Savytskyi, Anastasiiya Turchyn held a demonstrations and randori for young judokas of all youth sports schools and clubs of the capital of Ukraine. Judo spirit just is in unity and solidarity, derives energy, that allows you to grow and develop in judo community. After all, this spirit makes judo a phenomenon more than sport, and helps people to live together in peace and respect.


Judo as a global language
Schooljudo.nl organized clinics for refugees

Haarlem – the Netherlands Two ambassadors of Schooljudo.nl, Neal van de Kamer (five-time Dutch champion) and, the younger very talented, Maud van Kempen were present in a shelter for refugees in Haarlem to animate a judo clinic for them. Violence, persecution and fight are common experiences to all of them. Schooljudo (normally organized for children and young adults) wanted to give the adult refugees a little distraction, which they certainly need.

The clinics took place on World Judo Day. The theme of this day ‘unity’ couldn’t be more conform with the intention of the clinics. ‘Not everyone wanted to join the clinics but there were a lot of spectators and they were amusing themselves very well!’ Maud tells. In answering of the question if everyone understood what they were talking about, she says: ‘we didn’t need much words; judo is a global language. It was a very special and nice experience for me, and hopefully for them too!’


The Nigerian Judo Federation celebrated the World Judo Day on October 28. The President of the federation, Mr. Mamoudou DJIBO declared that everything must be done to promote judo worldwide.



The Judo klub Profectus Samobor, Croatia is a relatively new club, existing for two years. For second year in a row they celebrated the #WorldJudoDay. This year they held a special training with parents (mostly mothers) and young judokas to celebrate Unity. After the judo session Sensei Matija Frlic made a small multimedia presentation about Women in Judo to show how Judo isn't only men's sport.


"We organised a two-day event to incorporate World Judo Day on 28 October.  We invited existing judoka from Walderslade Judo Club and worked with local schools to invite beginners to try the sport, uniting the local club and community. Some attended both days but some could only attend one of them.  The young people trained for 4 hours each day having great fun in the judo dojo environment.  Prizes for effort and achievement were handed out and everyone received a World Judo Day diploma to mark their attendance. Through this we hope to have introduced judo to another group of young people, a number of which have already said they will return to join Walderslade Judo Club and begin their journey in judo. The sessions were led by two of the clubs Coaches, Eddie Orgee and also Samantha Riley who, like Jigoro Kano the Founder of Judo, also celebrates her birthday on 28 October."


On October 28, 2015 we organized a very friendly get-together between the Federation of Judo and Sambo of the City of Podolsk and the Judo Clubs of Saint-Cyprien and Argelès-sur-Mer/France.


The World Judo Day took place in Singapore during the Singapore Judo Club Team Championship held on 25 October 2015. There were six teams on the day of the contest and the theme of unity was perfectly illustrted during that event. More images CLICK HERE 


The UAE Sharjah Team celebrated the World Judo Day


The Rakuen Judo Academy in Golden Cost, Australia celebrated the World Judo Day

The Kugatsu Central Coast Judo Club Australia celebrated the World Judo Day on the beach with judo games.


This photo represents the integration of student athletes. This is a school group that participates in a residential school project where they study daily and practice the sport of judo in Puerto Rico. We conducted a reflection activity where the participants had to mention a value in the sport of judo that can be used in the daily life.

The torneo invitacional de Judo Por Aguada fue will be put under the hospices of the World Judo Day.

Carlos Santiago, Olympic athlete, celebrated the World Judo day and declared: Do judo in public, in public schools, all over the country. Live judo. Long life to judo.



TSI Judo (Tromsø, Norway) chose to mark the world judo day at the 27. october by having an open practice where all Judokas in Tromsø were invited to participate. During the practice we collected 200 NOK which were donated to Judo for Fred to follow up this years theme "Unity" and create a more unified Judo family across borders. All participants at the practice were given the official diploma of the WJD.

The day after the WJD, 29. october, TSI Judo held a small show in one of the common areas of the University to create more attention to Judo at the University and for the club members to show what they have learned since the semester start.


2010 Philippine National Judo Tournament with my co Judokas. Thank  you to my coach Mr. Jorge B Borja Jr.


ACS Judo Phoenix Timisoara, ROMÂNIA gathered under the motto "UNITY" 100 judoka from the club and guests from Moldova, Spain and Germany.


The Sweden Kungsbacka judoclub organized a training session and an exibition was planned in a mall on the Saturday to show the public the great sport of Judo.

“We celebrated the World Judo Day with judo training. We trained together small children up to adults. Some were brand new and took their first steps on the judo mat. All exercisers of all and helped each other. We ended the judo training to tell about Jigoro Kano, judo and judo moral code. All received a diploma and a parent baked a delicious cake. So we sang happy birthday to all judoka in the world." IK Södra Judo

Rattvik Judoklubb in Rattvik, Sweden celebrated the World Judo Day with a two day Judo camp! We trained, played games and had a lot of fun. This is the third year in a row we arrange the camp.


In the framework of the World judo Day and in order to promote judo to a wider public, we organized a judo demonstration in a sports youth center in the biggest suburb of the Capital city.


The Senshudokan Judo Club, in Regina, Canada, held an “Open House” and invited community members and friends and family of our club members, to come and watch a practice.  It gave the club members' families an opportunity to meet each other and see the children in action, practicing judo.

Judo Québec organized the celebration of the world judo day: for a day 400 children could be introduced to judo. Activities were organized on various topics: ne-waza, games, tachi-waza… The whole day was hel at the school «  Jardin de Bienville » in St Hubert.

Yukon Judo

Amherst Kodokan Judo Academy in Nova Scotia Canada celebrated World Judo Day 2015 by holding an open house for everyone to come try a class of Judo.  Lots of exercises and fun judo games for all, celebrating at the end with cake and refreshments.


Master Daniel de la Cueva from the Judo Roku Dan Yukai Dojo in Catamarca, Argetnina, organized a special class for judokas, parents and families on the occasion of the World Judo Day 2015.


Sensei José Manuel Cabrera Sosa from the Judo Boca Club in Veracruz, Mexico, celebrated the World Judo Day with his judo players.


Stephen Salvati, from Bray, County Wicklow, republic of Ireland, celebrated the World Judo Day in his club.


Athenry Judo Club, in County Galway, Ireland, celebrated World Judo day on the 28th of October 2015. Unity is about bringing people together in a positive way and we believe that Judo is a significant catalyst for positive changes all around the World. We celebrated the power of Judo to unite people within our local community and held an open mat session for all of the friends, and families of our members. The event was a great success with more than 75 Judoka of all ages and abilities taking part. We were particularly pleased to see so many new people taking to the Mat for the first time and really enjoying themselves.


The Sindh Judo Association in Pakistan staged a training session with special guest Mr Muhammad Ali Secretary, Sindh Judo Association, watching the action.


Gimnasio Yuyin Luzcando de Betania


Dear judo fans heartily wish you all a happy world judo day and wish the best of luck in their work and promote this wonderful sport. We are a very small club in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Judo Club "Neretva" from Mostar), but despite great difficulties and without their halls in every way we greatly promote our judo. Best regards from the beautiful city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The Kasr el Badiâ Association organized the World Judo Day with the judoka of 3 associations (Kasr el Badia/Ahram/Nasmat Ihsan). The event was held at the Dojo Kasr el Badiâ and Dojo Ahram on Saturday October 31, 2015. During the session, the history of judo, its values and why organizing the World Judo Day were among the themes that were developped. All the participants enjoyed a practical judo session as well.



San Jose University

Nicolas Delpopolo


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