World Judo Day 2011

In 2011 was held the first edition of the WJD, discover all the activities that were organized



The Barbados Judo Association celebrated World Judo Day on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th October 2011. On Thursday 27th all the Judo clubs on the Island held special sessions, at which the principle and various aspects of ‘RESPECT’ were discussed and highlighted. Seven judokas each held a letter spelling the word ‘respect’ and talked about what respect meant. On Friday 28th the President, Vice President, Secretary and other members of the Barbados Judo Association visited a primary school and spoke to the students and teachers about the values and principles of Judo, emphasized the theme of ‘respect’ and answered many questions. The message from the IJF was read.


On October 28th, under the humbrella of the "Fédération Royale Marocaine de judo", the  Judo Haouz-Tansift MARRAKESH League held a special event to celebrate the World Day of JUDO. A joint training session was held in the ZEREKTOUNI stadium, under the leardership of Moroccan National Director Mr Mohamed Zouaghi and national coach, Mr Baptiste Leroy. This training was proposed in honor of the French judoka of the École Polytechnique de Paris (57 judokas). Moroccan Judokas from the national team, and judoka from Marrakech were also present as well as many kids.




The Judo Club de Strasbourg, lead by Marie-Paule Panza, North-East of France celebrated the World Judo Day with a special training session. On that occasion, the values of our sport were explained in details by the judoka themselves. 



The World Judo Day was held in Tashkent on 27.10.2011. There were many congratulations from different federations of Uzbekistan and the first word was presented by the Head of the Center of Martial Arts of Uzbekistan, Akhat Nasirov. He paid much attention to the speed of developing of judo in Uzbekistan. In fact, since the year of Independence, we did all the best in order to increase the popularization of judo in the country.

Recently, an other event had strengthen JUDO in Uzbekistan: the opening of the JUDO CENTER in Tashkent. Mr. Nasirov recalled Mr. Vizer’s word that, in nowadays, Tashkent JUDO CENTER has no analog in the world, because the building combines the hall for training, offices and hotel for athletes. He wished to the federation, coaches and judokas good luck, and wished them to win as much Olympic Gold medals as possible. Next speech was given by the President of National Olympic Committee, Malik Babaev, and the President of Judo Federation of Uzbekistan, Armen Bagdasarov. It was a good decision to organize the first World Judo Day with the special theme of Respect. There is no fight possible in judo without respect. Mr. Babaev and Mr. Bagdasarov also wished all the best to all judokas and coaches.


One of Sweden’s largest Judo Clubs, IK Södra, active in the greater Stockholm area decided to celebrate World Judo Day with all their classes held Friday 28th of October. At the end of practice, children and grown-ups were asked to write and illustrate what judo meant for them. The drawings and thoughts were posted in the dojo. We talked about all the key code words and how to behave in order to be a role model judo-player. We took the opportunity to honor and thank our oldest judo teacher in the club as well as giving our head teachers flowers.

After practice we ate home-made cake in the shape of Jigoro Kano, fruit and white marshmallows with symbolized judokas all over the world. More pictures can be found at our home page under World Judo Day.


Judo club Borac, from Belgrade, organized the World Judo Day in a primary school in Sremcica. Public Judo classes were organized. During the lectures, the topic were the history of judo, the basic principles of judo and advantages and importance of judo for the development of the children. The event was followed by more than 250 girls and boys aged from 7 to 11. Particular importance was given to the Respect, as it is a very important element for the understanding of judo. Movie presenting judo were projected and at the end of the event the classes were divided into groups to produce posters and promotional material about Judo. We are very proud that we had a special day dedicated to judo and the opportunity for our sport to come closer to a larger number of children, who were really  enthusiastic. Greetings from Serbia to all judoka.


ITE College East Singapore

On 28 October 2011, ITE College East, a campus of ITE at Simei Avenue, Singapore celebrated World Judo Day by introducing Judo in its Sport Coaching and Technology Module . The module is part of the Higher National ITE Certificate in Business Studies (Sport Management) course, which is offered to students who have completed their secondary education. On World Judo Day, students were asked to relate the practical aspects of judo to the theory aspects of coaching covered in the Sport Coaching and Technology Module. The students enjoyed their first taste of Judo as they learn about the Japanese culture and the importance of respect on and off the mat.


Regarding the World Judo Day Georgian Judo Federation held an educational seminar in one of Georgian public schools. The Deputy of Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and also the representatives of Georgian Judo Federation met the pupils of elementary classes. The Olympic Champion Shota Khabareli, also the Olympic medalists Soso Liparteliani, Giorgi Tenadze, Giorgi Vazagashvili and General Secretary of Georgian Judo Federation Vladimer Nutsubidze spoke to them about Jigoro Kano. They also spoke about the essence and history of Judo. Young judokas demonstrated some judo techniques. At the end of the meeting the President of Georgian Judo Federation, Giorgi Aleksidze and other officials gave pupils books about judo. After the meeting many parents decided to bring their children to the judo halls for practice. The same day the Cadets tournament on behalf of great Georgian judoka Anzor Kibrotsashvili was held in Gori.


The Judoka from the Polizeisportverein Königsbrunn (Bavaria - Germany) partecipated on the World Judo Day 2011, too! Round about 160 Judoka and parents in different groups enjoyed this very famous day. We made for all Judoka the special IJF-certification "respect". During the Judo lessons we explained something about Judo, Professor Jigoro Kano and the Judo philosophie. We appreciate this great idea from the IJF!


March pass through the street of Bujumbura with more than 500 judoka. In the center, the Minister of Sport, Youth and Culture can be seen with a World Judo Day poster. 


On Friday, 28th October, the Judo Clube de Portimão, Algarve, Portugal, associated to the “World Judo Day” in order to promote Judo and its values, especially Respect - this year theme. Judo Clube de Portimão welcomed everyone who wanted to share this day with us. On a session that was so lightfull as the sunny Algarve, judocas of all ages and grades, got together to the Tatami to celebrate this ocasion. Also the fathers and mothers of our atlets had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed and animated class. More than 40 people shared this wonderful Judo experience and we look forward to repeat it next year. You can find more pictures in this link:

Judo Clube de Portimão promotes Judo for more than 40 years and has classes for children, from the age of 4 and adults for all kind of expertise. Please visit our web site http://jcportimao.webnode.pt/ and be our fan in Facebook to follow our activities.




we also celebrate the world day in our Judo Club Judo Tite Alvor, Portugal. On this day we made several classrooms in one day open to anyone who wanted to know our sport and judo could share with more experience in that aspect athletes Tuvia Cadet Selection Portugal, and some athletes with the selection of Moldova is in our club and our coach was a former national team athlete Chile.

We look forward contributed to this excellent initiative and that we can repeat next year as successful as this one.

These classrooms were in charge of Coach Cristian A. Bernal and classes are held at the College Tite Alvor in Algarve, Portugal.

Attached some pics to choose the best or who want to use!! site: www.judotite.pt.vu

A big hug to all and happy day of Judo.


Polish Judo Association

The Polish Judo Association is participating at the World Judo Day by organizing a training session with poor children from Warsaw. The sensei is Pawel Nastula - Olympic Champion. Project: "Judo=respect" is a summary of our work. Please check here to discover our project.


UKS Tomita Elblag Judo Team


Castellón de la Plana, Spain

Central African Republic

"In Central African Republic (C.A.R), during the World Judo Day, there was a heavy rain in the morning. I just took a speech on national TV, radio and private station radios. I took that opportunity to inform people about 1st World Judo Day. And so the theme that tackles about respect value. I also invited people to register their kids in order to gain from the moral code of judo etc… I finally thanked people, in the name of the president of International Judo Federation, African Judo Union and the whole national authorities who support the practice of Judo in Central African Republic.

In the afternoon, there was a demonstration of judo, linking that with the theme of the World Judo Day: “the Respect”. The Demonstration revealed judo value, the way of respect. During my speech, I testified the participation of Central African team to the world championships in Cape Town (South Africa) from 3rd to 6th of November 2011, thanks to IJF. People were pretty impressed!!!

The Central African Federation hopes to do best next year with more diversified activities, and to implicate more other actors. The Central African Federation considers that day as a way to promote judo for ever all over the world notably in Central African Republic (C.A.R)." André SERVILLE NAKOUZOUMO President.


Olivier Puigségur with David Douillet (FRA)


On the occasion of the first World Judo Day, Olivier Puigsegur from the South of France (Black Belt 2nd Dan), who was severely injured several years ago, wanted also to contribute to the event and to show his unswerving passion for our sport.

Randoris où les techniques tendent vers la perfection,
Epanouissement du corps en accord avec l’esprit,
Sensations dans les déplacements en uchi komi,
Prises du kumikata en souplesse, « Ju », avec attention,
Et dans la recherche du mouvement parfait, des milliers de répétition,
Cet art martial conduit l’homme sur la voie, « Do »,
Tout en contrôlant le hara, le tao, et les préceptes de Maitre Jigoro Kano.

                                                                         Olivier Puigségur, C.N 2ème dan


« Si tu cultives la force de ton caractère, garde la douceur de ton coeur. » Citation de mon professeur Jean Vaifro De Barry

Spain and Serbia

Celebrating World Judo Day in Spain (Granada)

Thanks to idea of prof Raquel Escobar form the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Granada, we organize an event to celebrate World Judo Day in Granada. Participants were two clubs from two countries, Judo Club Kinezis (Nis, Serbia) and Judo Club Chinchilla (Granada, Spain). We gather in Judo Club Chinchilla to promote RESPECT and the unique judo values. In the first part of the event we organize Mondo with the kids, to tell them story about judo, and the founder of judo, Dr. Jigoro Kano. We were also talking about word RESPECT, and about the meaning of that word. The conclusion is made that we are all part of the big judo family, and that we must respect every judoka like a part of our family. We must share our values with the community and try to follow the "Gentle way" in order to be better persons. In the second part of the event we organize joint/open training. Guest coach form Judo Club Kinezis (Serbia) was explaining techniques, and everybody understood him because he was talking on the universal language of judo. Parents and friends were invited to come and see the training. Media representatives were also included because local newspaper came and wrote a report about our celebration. At the end of the session we promise each other to meet again next year and celebrate next World Judo Day in Serbia.


Sport Club Sesto


Instituto Yukay – Centro de Educacion Fisica – Instituto de Education Fisica de Catamarca

Program: a brief introduction about the life and work of the Master Jigoro Kano, judo training, teaching of various applications (Shimewaza and Ashiwaza, Kodokan Goshin Jitsu), traditions of Budo (etiquette, ceremonies and courtesy) ,Judo Bow, and a brief introduction about respect in Judo and Martial Arts. Enrolled 60 students, teacher and master of Judo of Catamarca. Chair: Daniel de la Cueva 6º Dan – Federación Argentina Intercolegial de Judo.

Republic of South Africa

VERA School for mentally challenged kids

Judo started at the VERA school for intelectually impaired children, 10 Years ago, when a French student did a year of voluntary work. When she left, Kenny Rinquest (Development Director, Judo South Africa), took over and coaching continued. He then helped with negotiations for the school to buy a new 90 block judo mat which was part of todays celebrations on World Judo Day. On that occasion, 70 children coming from the surroundings, participated in the celebration that could be the starting point of a development program for the poor populations of the Makasar Township.

The programme consisted of a slide show on why this day, including how to tie belt / judo / japanese words / belts / hygene / Jigoro Kano's history / judo values / video on Judo 101 ippons / games / judo demonstration and then they had to show what they remembered of the slide show and medals were handed out and IJF 60 YEARS Judo t-shirts was offered to the winners.


Botswana, world Judokas celebrate first World Judo Day today

Tracing its inception to 1882, the commemoration will be the first in the history of Judo. The day is anticipated to attract special events to celebrate all dimensions of Judo.This Botswana Chronicles journalist caught up with Botswana Judo Federation president, Estony Hattingh who shared that they will also be celebrating the day as all other Judokas around the world. She stated that the day was initiated by the International Judo Federation and aims at promoting the values of the sport as they have been designed from its inception 129 years ago. READ MORE


Club Yama Arashi Judo Udine

The club Yama Arashi Judo Udine celebrates the World Day with a special dedication because respect is honesty and fairness, respect is creating situations and contests to engage; respect is being always ready to give. Respect is never to stop to earn respect. Our club participated to the World Judo Day and emphasized the theme of the RESPECT as follows. 1) we have emphasized the WJD on the clubweb site by news, poster, photos (www.alpeadriajudo.it); 2) we have printed 100 WJD posters personalized with the name of the club; they have been been displayed in elementary school classrooms of our city (Udine-italy) by our young members and by our teachers who are currently providing promotional judo lessons in the local schools; 3) we have invited our adult members to write their own definition of respect; 4) we have photographed a few competitors in the dojo with the poster of the event; 5) we have dedicated the event a corner of the dojo; we have given special attention to Jigoro Kano; 6) on the WJD children have made drawings about respect and proposed examples of respect ; the best idea will be rewarded.




The University of the Philippines is on semestral break until November but this does not stop the UP Judo Club and the UP Power Kidz (community recreation program) from uniting with the judo community accross the world.

A kids' week-long clinic will run on October 24, 26 and 28 by club members and guest Philippine team players.  The university students will do general dojo cleaning (a festive activity) on October 27. Finally, on October 29, the two groups will jointly host an open-house where guests can join fun games in the dojo, watch introductory judo video and have refreshments.  Buttons were produced and distributed as invites for friends to come. The UP Judo Club was founded in 1964 by Prof. Aurora Rodriguez, currently the highest ranking woman judoka from the Philippines, and a direct student of Keiko Fukuda Sensei, when they toured the Philippines together in the 60's to promote judo.

The UP Power Kidz is a weekend program supported financially by parents and philanthrophic donors that enable kids to enroll, and participate in competitions.



Under the theme, “RESPECT” being honored by International Judo Federation, the Pakistan Judo Federation also celebrated the 151st Anniversary of the founder of Judo Dr. Jigoro Kano. The event took place on the same day as the 21st National Judo Championship-2011 (PESHAWAR) in which PAKISTAN WAPDA RULES AS Ist, ARMY GRABBED 2nd AND RAILWAY TAKEN 3rd POSITION. Featuring around 200 athletes and officials from across the country, an impressive closing ceremony brought the biggest national sporting gala to an end in the framework of the World Judo Day celebration.

The theme of the first edition of the WJD is “RESPECT”. And it is greatly appreciated by the Pakistan Judo Federation (PJF), which as an IJF member wants to be involved and therefore wants to maintain the same culture in Pakistan also. For this, in order to give a tribute to Jigoro Kano (1860-1938), the Pakistan Judo Federation is arranging Championship Events in which a brief history of judo will be presented to all the young judoka and a special history of Jigoro Kano. His contribution to Judo will explained: he wanted to develop a system of physical education. He derived judo from the ancient art of jiu-jitsu. The system he developed is based on two key principles: maximum efficiency and mutual welfare. According to Kano, “Judo is a teaching for life itself and with it we learn to overcome the pitfalls and obstacles of everyday living”. The first Judo School or club in Pakistan was opened in 1978. Judo Pakistan, the official national governing body for judo, was incorporated in 1990. Today more than 22000 estimated Pakistanis participate in judo programs in approximately 250 clubs across Pakistan. So, this will be a Mega event in Pakistan in which we will celebrate the Birthday of the great founder of Judo as well.

The Judo values are:

  • playing by the rules

  • co-operating with others

  • respecting self and others

  • self-discipline and humility

  • self-confidence and commitment

  • perseverance and determination

  • concentrating and controlling 



We are the CLUB DOJO TARRACO team, a small Judo club at Tarragona (Spain). On the occasion of the WJD initiative, we organized a special class with our youngests judokas and their families. Our main objective was to show that Judo is more than a sport, Judo has a strong moral code that worth to be learned and applied in our lives. The activities were related with the RESPECT value, first we explain them the meaning of this concept, why it is so important, how they should apply it within Judo and in their lives. Then the youngests judokas explained how they feel it, and at the end we delivered a letter to their families explaining the Judo moral code and the meaning of this WJD.


At the International Bushido Club: We have invited many clubs and fans to enjoy an open session training. So, we were talking about what Judo means for us and the value of Respect, that is part of the nature of every judoka, with a nice training session. We had on that special occasion our special guest sensei Joao Gilberto (6th dan of Brazil), some judokas from Dojo Guadalupe, Dojo UNAT and 2 judo fans. 


The Romanian Judo Federation celebrated World Judo Day during the Final contest of the Ne-Waza National Championship for children U 15 and the Final contest of the Romanian Euro regions teams U15 which took place between 28.10.2011 and 30.10.2011 in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania. The opening ceremony opened with Mr. Marius Vizer’s message for World Judo Day. The organizers, the Romanian Judo Federation together with the local judo association offered some diplomas for all the coaches, former judokas – pioneers of the Romanian Judo and the local authorities who are involved in the developing and promoting of judo in Romania. “Respect” was the light motive of the competition. Young judokas really did their best trying to respect Mr. Jigoro Kano’s principles.


Many young people, women, and children in Ethiopia are very happy with the development of Judo in the country. The EJJA (Judo & Ju-Jitsu Association in Ethiopia) express the deepest and most sincere gratitude to the World Judo Family and says thank you very much to the IJF for the support and the chance to become a member to this great family. Despite organizational schedules, we will have our World Judo Day on 26. / 27. November in Addis Abeba during our first grand event of belt examination. Congratulation once again for this marvelous idea - World Judo Day!


The Alsacian Judo League celebrated the World Judo Day on the occasion of an exchange with Franche-Comté Judo League. The Judo training session took place from October 24 to 26, at the ENP Montbéliard (Police). During the three days, the judoka had the possibility to exchange experiences based on the respect values. 


It was a good celeberation, we all judoka paid homage to Dr. Kano Shihan and demonstrated judo techniques, we invited some guests and showed them History of Judo, and Sensei Yamashita's DVDs and judo techniques, then distributed sweets to every one. In the evening shiai for small children was conducted.


Miura sensei, 9th dan, launched in the web his new-year message "Respect".
Please visit http://judomiura.blogspot.com

South Africa

Cape Town Judo Club celebrates the World Judo Day




If you think you could win an Olympic gold medal for judo, then try it out during World Judo Day at the Hobart University club at a free two-hour session from 6-8pm. The Hobart University Judo Club is run by coach Kovacik, a gentle giant. The club has been a central platform for many state and national champions over the past 20-plus years. Kovacik was also coach at the Athens Olympics and Beijing Olympics (Australian Judo Team). He has practised judo for 48 years. In 2006, he was inducted into the Australasian Martial Arts Hall Of Fame. Kovacik is a former Czech Olympic judo team member, with 10 national titles. He said judo was about developing mentally as well as physically. "It is about respect, mutual respect," he said.



The Judo Day was celebrate in Romania by the veterans judoka with a joint training session held in Arad city. Same event was organized in other 3 cities from Romania. READ MORE


The Burundi Judo Federation has organized a march pass throughout the streets of the Capital, Bujumbura. Using a large banner to promote the World Judo Day and the values of the moral code, the judoka of clubs based in the the city as well as outside of the capital, gathered to meet with the population. 


Following the celebrations on the WJD, our team at Ghandi Judo Klub in Tirana, Albania, having the full support of the Albanian Judo Federation, organized a joint training session with other judokas from different teams. As a tribute for the founder Jigoro Kano, our dojo opened the doors for everybody and especially for children. In order to cover the event two tv channels were present, both Telesport and Top Channel (please visit http://top-channel.tv/video.php?t=1 ; Edicioni Informativ, 28 Tetor, ora 22.30).

A movie showing the life and the work of Jigoro Kano as a master and a devoted educator was proiected inside the dojo.


Rwanda Judo Federation is pleased and honored to inform you that on the occasion of the World Judo Day, we organized a presentation of a film on the history of Judo in the world and after a judo training session took place at the Dojo of INTSINZI Judo Club at the Belgian School of Kigali. The participants: Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Belgian school, parents and children who practice this noble art of Judo. The event was preceded by a short speech of the President of the Rwanda Judo Federation, Mr. Christian Bishyika on today's event and the importance of this new sport for the youth of Rwanda.


World Judo Day in Halifax NS , Canada, with Peter Gardiner. 50 coaches from Coast to Coast will gather this weekend to exchange a multitude of experiences training programs, coaching sessions and much more.


In celebration of the World Judo Day, the Palau Judo Federation judoka enjoyed a special birthday cake after practice, sharing with others the values of respect.



Judo Samoa invited all Junior Judo parents to a special meeting to discuss the meaning of World Judo Day and its celebration around the world as well as planning the Opening Ceremony of the 2011 Samoa World Cup under the theme of RESPECT - all kids will be involved in a short demonstration and the country parade at the Opening Ceremony. We also explained the attention IJF pays to judo for children and the need to continue developing and make the most of the exposure from the World Cup being hosted in Samoa to our children from all parts of the islands, Thanks to our live coverage on TV1 - the national broacaster.

The Olympic Training Centre for Oceania had a special training day in conjunction with the meeting, and they took a break for the camera, at the end of World Judo Day. Athletes that take part in the Judo OTC are from American Samoa, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Solomon Islands, many of which will be part of the Olympic 2012 selection. They are trained under coach Andrew Pragnell of New Zealand and often joined by our friend Slava, a volunteer vetenarian, 1st Dan, from Belarus.


The IJF is celebrating the World Judo Day in Russia, on the Occasion of the Open World Judo Championship, which is being held in Tyumen. 


Judo Club Gianfranco Fenati – Spilimbergo
We take part in the IJF World Judo Day with “Afternoon Open Door at Dojo”
Training and visit will be available with all our staff! Drawings and short compositions are prepared by young judokas and a little party will be prepared in collaboration with all mums.


"The World Judo Day on 28th of october in my club wil have the following program: 19:30 to 20:30 judo respect training by Richard de Bijl (7th dan judo). After the training we will eat sushi en drink beer. 22:00 we start with the karaoke party. the address to be is Galileilaan 5 Spijkenisse Netherlands. Entree is free for persons 15 years and older. 


The Imo State Judo Association Nigeria intends to commemorate the first world judo day by giving a lecture on the history of judo to judokas and the public alike at the indoor sports hall of the state sports council. This will be followed by judo demonstrations and a question and answer session on this years theme "Respect". Light refreshments will be provided. Judo is a way of life, it is our passion. Judo is it.


On October 27th, the Uzbekistan Judo Federation is organizing a big Gala to celebrate the opening of the brand new judo training center and headquarter of the Federation. This gala will be linked with the World Judo Day and on October 28th, the clubs of the capital will open their doors to the public.


To celebrate the World Judo Day, the Caribbean Judo Confederatión released a document that presents Jigoro Kano's Life. DOWNLOAD the Document (Spanish)


The Zambia Judo Association (ZJA) commemorated the inaugural World Judo Day during the Japanese Ambassador’s championship on Saturday 29th, at the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka. The International Judo Federation (IJF) World Judo Day, which is dedicated to all judoka worldwide, falls under the theme ‘Respect’. ZJA president, Alfred Foloko said in a statement that as part of World Judo Day commemorations, his association would use the weekend’s championship to honour sports administrators who have contributed to the development of judo in Zambia.

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