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Neil Adams MBE

World Champion and Olympic Medallist

Since 2009, Neil Adams is the Official Commentator of the International Judo Federation. But beyond being THE Voice of International Judo, Neil is a great champion and a perfect exemple of respect

© Tom HaytonIn Judo, it seems that RESPECT, especially of high calibre athletes is equated to a high level of skill and results. While this can be true, I would like to extend that thought and include not only the hard work that goes into acquiring a high technical skill level but also the attitude a judoka should have once that level is obtained that continues and broadens the respect for that person.


The best example of this is my good friend and fellow former World Champion, Mr. Kashiwazaki u60kg, who undoubtedly is one of the most talented and most respected judoka in the sport, especially in terms of newaza. I must admit, that I like a bit of groundwork myself and have been quite well-known for my newaza skills and once when we were having coffee at one tournament, we spoke about 

© David Finch

how we never had the chance to practice newaza randori together. His simple answer was, “a missed opportunity, Neil, my friend.” And we left it at that.


I heard years later from one of his students that the reason Kashiwazaki & I never had a practice is that he didn’t want the chance to occur that he may win in front of my students. He respects the situation and likes it just the way it is. I am quite content myself and it was at that moment that I really knew & felt what respect was. I do know my respect and admiration for my friend grew even more that day.


Respect, to me, is not giving in to pride or prejudice, or being judgemental. It is knowing who you are, feeling secure in that belief and being big enough to recognize that in someone else.


More about Neil Adams

  • 8th Degree Black Belt in Judo

  • IJF Official Commentator

  • Host of Video Series

  • TV Sports Commentator

  • Professional Coach (Belgium - Wales - British Judo Association...)

  • Technical Consultant (Neil Adams Effective Fighting LTD)

  • Author: A Life in Judo | A Guide to Better Judo | Olympic Judo Throwing Techniques | Olympic Judo Groundwork Techniques | Olympic Judo Preparation Training | Judo Master Class - Grips | Judo Master Class - Armlocks | Judo Master Class - Tai-otoshi

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Best Results 

Olympic Games


1980 Moscow

-71 kg


1984 Los Angeles

-78 kg


World Championships


1979 Paris

 -71 kg


1981 Maastricht

 -78 kg


1983 Moscow

 -78 kg


1985 Seoul

 -78 kg


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