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Junior World Championships 2015, Abu Dhabi



Junior women's Team event

Junior men's team event 


The IJF Junior World Championships 2015 produced an exhilarating finale as the team event was the last action of the five-day junior showcase in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.


The men’s team competition featured 14 teams of five judoka while the women’s team competition consisted of 13 teams of five judoka.


Japan retained their team titles from Fort Lauderdale 2014 with a 4-1 victory against France in the junior women’s final and a 5-0 demolition of Georgia in the junior men’s team final.



IJF Executive Committee members and distinguished guests on the last day of the Junior World Championships 2015 


Mr. Marius VIZER, IJF President, used the occasion of the last day of the Junior World Championships competition in Abu Dhabi to look ahead to #WorldJudoDay on Wednesday 28 October. The theme this year is UNITY and all week-long famed judoka have been supporting the initiative which was introduced in 2011.


Mr. VIZER said: “I want to congratulate the international judo community for this fifth edition of the World Judo Day, which this year has the theme of UNITY. This is an important value of our sport. It is associated with other values such as honour, respect and friendship. Through the promotion of our moral code we can show that judo unites the people from all over the world and by doing so we can contribute to the development of a better society and to peace.“


Now in its fifth year, #WorldJudoDay is the annual celebration for all judoka. The IJF will be reporting on all the activities held thoughout the world and asks all judoka and coaches to send information, pictures and videos from their event to press@ijf.org  



IJF Referees, IJF Referee Commission Head Referee Directors and IJF Referee Director 


The IJF World Judo Tour remains in the United Arab Emirates for the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam from 30 October - 1 November with Olympic and world champions descending on the Middle East for the fourth IJF Grand Slam of the season. Judo fans can watch all three days live at www.ippon.tv. Join in on the social media discussion by using the hashtag #JudoAbuDhabi2015 



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New-look Japanese team still unstoppable 

In the Junior World Team Championships women’s final Japan showed their superiority as they unleashed their best young judoka to defeat France 4-1 in the final. TOMIZAWA Kana (JPN) bested Gwenaelle PATIN (FRA) in the opening contest by a yuko but bronze medallist Sarah HARACHI (FRA) restored level terms against world champion FUNAKUBO Haruka (JPN).

NABEKURA Nami (JPN) made it 2-1 to Japan by throwing Clemence EME (FRA) with an uchi-mata for a yuko and then secured the yoko-shiho-gatame.

AOYAGI Remi (JPN) secured the title for Japan by beating Marina OLARTE (FRA) after the latter was penalised with a shido as her country’s lead was unassailable. TOMITA Wakaba (JPN) defeated Morgane DUCHENE (FRA) by ippon for a double gold medal and 4-1 scoreline in the final. 


Double world champion TOMITA (above), 18, said: "I really enjoyed the atmosphere at this event and I felt a lot of support from my teammates and parents who were able to stay until the end of our match before travelling home. In Japan my goal is to earn a selection for the Tokyo Grand Slam and then compete in big international competitions."


The heayvweight, who started judo aged 6, will compete next week at the Kodokan Cup in Chiba and said her "big dream" is to win the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 


In the semi-final defending champions Japan beat Germany 4-1 to take their place in the final. Cadet world champion TOMIZAWA Kana (JPN) defeated Nieke NORDMEYER (GER) to put Japan in front. Junior world champion FUNAKUBO Haruka (JPN) doubled her country’s advantage by holding down Theresa STOLL (GER) on two occasions for 15 seconds each time. Fellow world champion NABEKURA Nami (JPN) made it 3-0 as she threw Amelie STOLL (GER) twice with uchi-mata and earned a waza-ari for each effort to clinch Japan’s progression. Lisa DOLLINGER (GER) pulled one back against AOYAGI Remi (JPN) by a yuko before TOMITA Wakaba (JPN) held down Anna Maria WAGNER (GER) with a kuzure-kesa-gatame for her second waza-ari.


In the second semi-final France defeated South Korea by the same scoreline as Junior World Championships bronze medallist Astride GNETO (FRA) bested KIM Yihyeon (KOR) on shido penalties to give her country the perfect start. Sarah HARACHI (FRA) made it 2-0 with victory against LEE Haeran (KOR) by osaekomi before GONG Seoyoung (KOR) kept her team in the match by beating Clemence EME (FRA) courtesy of a yuko score. Marina OLARTE (FRA) clinched it for France as she defeated LEE Dabin (KOR) and in the heavyweight contest HAN Mi Jin (KOR) forfeited her clash against Morgane DUCHENE (FRA).


The first bronze medallists were the Netherlands who edged out South Korea in a nail-biting match. The Dutch team, who won two medals in the individual competition, came from behind to win the second, third and fourth contests and register a 3-2 victory. The second set of bronze medals were won by Germany as they demolished Kazakhstan 4-1. Germany’s women were too strong for their Kazakh counterparts who earned their only win in the five contests from Anna STARCHENKO who threw Theresa STOLL (GER) with a sumptuous sasae-tsurikomi-ashi. 


France vs Japan                   


Bronze Medal Fights

South Korea vs Netherlands   
Germany vs Kazakhstan         



Final Results

1. Japan          
2. France          
3. Netherlands            
3. Germany   
5. South Korea    
5. Kazkahstan   
7. Australia   
7. Tunisia            


Japan rout Georgia for gold 

Japan routed Georgia in the junior men’s team final 5-0 as they swept the board in the team competition with men’s and women’s success as they did a year ago in Fort Lauderdale. In the first contest ASARI Masaya (JPN) defeated Tornike NAGLIASHVILI (GEO) by ippon before YAMAMOTO Yuji (JPN) of Tenri University eked his way past Tamaz KIRAKOZASHVILI on shido penalties (2:3).



FUJIWARA Sotaro (JPN) bested Levan GUGAVA (GEO) by a waza-ari to seal gold for Japan.



MUKAI Shoichiro (JPN) shaded Giorgi GVELESIANI (GEO) by way a shido penalty given to the Georgian while TANAKA Genta (JPN) brought the Junior World Championships to a close by throwing Giorgi LAZUASHVILI (GEO) for ippon. 



Mr. TOMOUCHI Masahiko, Japanese head coach, provided some insight into the Japanese team selection and success as preparations are already at an advanced stage for their home Olympics at Tokyo 2020. 


"We prepared for this event with a week-long training camp where a lot of hard work was done. Our aim is to take these athletes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. We want them to grow together in judo, they are all junior champions in Japan and that's why they were selected. 


"After Rio 2016 we will look to the future and the Tokyo 2020 Olymic Games with younger athletes and we are planning to make regular training camps with our juniors and seniors together. We explained to our athletes how important it is today in the team competition to represent our flag and our country and they understood this and it helped to bring them together as a team."


In the semi-finals Japan were given a thorough test by Uzbekistan who were leading 2-1 and had a spot in the gold medal match within their grasp. ASARI (JPN) held down MATYAKUBOV (UZB) for 20 seconds to give Japan the lead but Uzbekistan fired back to win the next two contests. SHOMURODOV defeated YAMAMOTO Yuji (JPN) by ippon after two minutes of golden score and BOBONOV then saw off FUJIWARA (JPN) on shido penalties (1:2) to put Uzbekistan on the brink of advancing to the final. With the Japanese contingent in the crowd looking uncharacteristically nervous, MUKAI (JPN) was the calmest person in the IPIC Arena as he trapped KHURRAMOV (UZB) with a modified kami-shiho-gatame hold to restore parity. TANAKA (JPN) then thundered his way past BAHODURZODA (UZB) in the heavyweight contest with a beatufiul tai-otoshi after 62 seconds for ippon.


In the second semi-final Georgia were made to graft by a hard-working Egypt team who have made an unprecedented impact at the Junior World Championships in Abu Dhabi. Leading contenders Georgia did not need any favours from their opponents but profited from two consecutive hansoku-make commited by the surprise outfit to race to a 2-0 lead which gave them one foot in the finals. Georgia’s winning-streak continued until the fifth and final contest when WAHID (EGY) defeated TUSHISHVILI (GEO) by a yuko as consolation for Egypt who moved into the repechage final.


The first set of bronze medals were captured by Russia who were rampant against Egypt as they won 4-1. With a 4-0 lead and gold already secured, Egypt’s heavyweight Ahmed WAHID stepped up and saved same pride against Ruslan SHAKHBAZOV (RUS) by ippon. The second set of bronze medals went to Belarus who beat Uzbekistan 3-2. Dzmitry MINKOU, Yahor VARAPAYEU and Daniel MUKETE all struck for Belarus by ippon in the first, third and fourth contests respectively.  



Japan vs Georgia 


Bronze Medal Fights
Egypt vs Russia    
Uzbekistan vs Belarus 



Final Results

1. Japan       
2. Georgia           
3. Russia              
3. Belarus   
5. Egypt         
5. Egypt   
7. Algeria   
7. Iran                           

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