IJF News - 23 October 2015

Junior World Championships 2015, Abu Dhabi



Junior Women: -44kg | -48kg

Junior Men: -55kg | -60kg 


The IJF Junior World Championships 2015 kicked off a feast of judo in the United Arab Emirates as the world’s premier youth judo event started on Friday at the IPIC Arena in Abu Dhabi.


The final World Championships of the year runs until Tuesday 27 October and will be swiftly followed by the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in the same venue from 30 October - 1 November.


Four Junior world champions were crowned on day one as the junior men’s -55kg and -60kg categories saw action along with the junior women’s -44kg and -48kg categories.  


Of the 556 juniors engaged in action from 82 countries, 134 (50 women, 84 men) of the best judo prospects on the planet opened the competition in Abu Dhabi.



The IJF Junior World Championships 2015 started on Friday at the IPIC Arena in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.


Japan have already taken command of the medal table having won half of day one’s gold medals with expected victories in the -60kg and -48g categories. South Korea won a medal of every colour to take second place in the table with Kazakhstan third after claiming the fourth and final gold medal at stake on Friday.


Day two will feature the junior men’s -66kg and -73kg categories while the junior women from the -52kg and 57kg categories will have their chance to compete for world glory. 



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-44kg: LEE leads South Korea to perfect start  

The first gold medal of the IJF Junior World Championships 2015 was claimed by South Korea as LEE Hyekyeong (KOR) defeated Cadet World Championships bronze medallist IGARASHI Riko (JPN) in the -44kg final. After a failed yoko-tomoe-nage attempt from IGARASHI, LEE was able to unlock the defence of the Japanese fighter for a yuko score which was enough for top spot and Junior World Champions gold. 



In the first semi-final IGARASHI beat Junior European Championships bronze medallist Sitora BOYMATOVA (RUS) with a stylish display. The 16-year-old Japanese fighter scored two yukos to take control of the contest and held down her rival for 20 seconds and ippon. In the second semi-final LEE overcame former European Youth Olympic Festival winner and reigning Junior European Championships gold medallist Amber GERSJES (NED) by the narrowest of margins. A shido against the Dutch judoka saw her relegated to the repechage.


The first bronze medal was won by 20-year-old GANBAATAR Narantsetseg (MGL) who converted her Asian Championships bronze into global honours in Abu Dhabi at the expense of beaten semi-finalist GERSJES. An explosive tani-otoshi received a yuko and that was difference for the Mongolian. The second bronze medal was awarded to Berlin Junior European Cup bronze medallist Rita REIS (BRA) who was a worthy winner against BOYMATOVA with a second waza-ari from osaekomi-waza sealing her place on the podium.          

IGARASHI, Riko (JPN) vs LEE, Hyekyeong (KOR)        


Bronze Medal Fights
GERSJES, Amber (NED) vs GANBAATAR, Narantsetseg (MGL)     
BOYMATOVA, Sitora (RUS) vs REIS, Rita (BRA)           



Final Results

1. LEE, Hyekyeong (KOR)                      
2. IGARASHI, Riko (JPN)             
3. GANBAATAR, Narantsetseg (MGL)                    
3. REIS, Rita (BRA)                
5. GERSJES, Amber (NED)                      
5. BOYMATOVA, Sitora (RUS)             
7. YAYLA, Tugba (TUR)       
7. LAPUERTA COMAS, Mireia (ESP)     


-48kg: TONAKI bows out of juniors as the world champion   

Budapest Grand Prix silver medallist TONAKI Funa (JPN) concluded her junior career by winning the biggest prize on offer to judoka aged 20 and under. TONAKI will now focus on making the transition to a full-time senior career after beating Cadet world champion Marusa STANGAR (SLO) for -48kg gold. STANGAR was unable to secure her country’s first Junior world title as she was trapped on the ground by her opponent in osaekomi for 20 seconds and ippon.     



In the first semi-final former cadet world champion TSUNEMI Mikoto (JPN) lost to the current cadet world champion STANGAR. The 17-year-old Japanese judoka fell from the gold medal hunt as she lost by ippon after two minutes. In the second semi-final TONAKI, 20, who took bronze at the FISU Universiade in July, beat Junior European Championships bronze medallist Sephora CORCHER (FRA) by pinning her for ippon.


The first bronze medal was won CORCHER who saw off St Petersburg Junior European Cup silver medallist Miriam SCHNEIDER (GER) by a waza-ari from a cutting ashi-waza effort. The second bronze medal was won by TSUNEMI against Junior European Championships bronze medallist Cristina BUDESCU (MDA) as the latter was penalised twice in a scoreless contest.     



TONAKI, Funa (JPN) vs STANGAR, Marusa (SLO)      

Bronze Medal Fights

CORCHER, Sephora (FRA) vs SCHNEIDER, Miriam (GER)
TSUNEMI, Mikoto (JPN) vs BUDESCU, Cristina (MDA)      



Final Results

1. TONAKI, Funa (JPN)               
2. STANGAR, Marusa (SLO)                     
3. CORCHER, Sephora (FRA)                    
3. TSUNEMI, Mikoto (JPN)            
5. SCHNEIDER, Miriam (GER)              
5. BUDESCU, Cristina (MDA)                      
7. MOSDIER, Anais (FRA)       
7. MERCADANTE, Nathalia (BRA)        


-55kg: Kazakh SHAMSHADIN wins his own world gold

Junior Cadet Asian Championships bronze medallist Magzhan SHAMSHADIN (KAZ) now has his own world title having helped senior national team member Yeldos SMETOV (KAZ) to capture the senior lightweight crown in Astana in August. SHAMSHADIN was a key training partner for SMETOV before the senior World Championships and that experience has no doubt driven him to the best result of his burgeoning career. The 18-year-old defeated LEE Harim (KOR) by ippon from an uchi-mata with 16 seconds left on the clock as his team jumped out of their seats in celebration.   



"I started judo when I was 10 years old through my school and I always hoped to compete for Kazakhstan," said the gold medallist. "I helped Yeldos SMETOV to prepare for the World Championships in Astana and that helped me too. I now have two more years as a junior and today I just feel so proud to win this medal for my country."


In the first semi-final LEE beat former Cadet World Championships bronze medallist BAYARAA Amartuvshin (MGL) on shido penalties. Asian Junior Championships winner BAYARAA, who took bronze on the world stage a year ago, was penalised three times while the South Korean was only penalised once. In the second semi-final SHAMSHADIN defeated Athens Junior European Cup winner Irakli KUPATADZE (GEO) by the maximum score.


The first bronze medal was won by KUPATADZE against Yago ABULADZE (RUS) by ippon at the halfway point while the second bronze medal was clinched by BAYARAA by ippon against an overwhelmed Natig GURBANLI (AZE). 


LEE, Harim (KOR) vs SHAMSHADIN, Magzhan (KAZ)    


Bronze Medal Fights
KUPATADZE, Irakli (GEO) vs ABULADZE, Yago (RUS)      
BAYARAA, Amartuvshin (MGL) vs GURBANLI, Natig (AZE)        



Final Results

1. SHAMSHADIN, Magzhan (KAZ)                    
2. LEE, Harim (KOR)           
3. KUPATADZE, Irakli (GEO)                     
3. BAYARAA, Amartuvshin (MGL)                     
5. ABULADZE, Yago (RUS)                       
5. GURBANLI, Natig (AZE)                             
7. RASHNONEZHAD, Mohammad (IRI)           
7. CARLINO, Andrea (ITA)          


-60kg: Ippon judo steers NAGAYAMA to gold 

Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix bronze medallist TSENDOCHIR Tsogtbaatar (MGL) was the most established name in the -60kg category and he progressed to the final only to meet 2011 cadet world champion NAGAYAMA Ryuju (JPN) who produced a flurry of ippons on his route to gold. TSENDOCHIR appeared to be in some discomfort as he held his back throughout the contest and NAGAYAMA sensed that weakness as he launched his opponent with a booming drop ippon seoi-nage which earned the applause of one of his country’s greatest lightweights of all-time, HOSOKAWA Shinji. 



In the first semi-final Junior European champion Walide KHYAR (FRA) lost to TSENDOCHIR by the unusual margin of four yuko scores without reply. In the second semi-final African Games gold medallist Ahmed ABELRAHMAN (EGY) succumb to East Asian Championships winner NAGAYAMA with 10 seconds left by waza-ari from an uchi-mata.


The first bronze medal was won by KIM Channyeong (KOR) who defeated ABELRAHMAN by a yuko score while the second bronze medal went to Walide KHYAR (FRA) who used his upper body power to pick up Neil MACDONALD (GBR) and throw for ippon. 


TSENDOCHIR, Tsogtbaatar (MGL) vs NAGAYAMA, Ryuju (JPN)          


Bronze Medal Fights
ABELRAHMAN, Ahmed (EGY) vs KIM, Channyeong (KOR)     
KHYAR, Walide (FRA) vs MACDONALD, Neil (GBR)    



Final Result

1. NAGAYAMA, Ryuju (JPN)                            
2. TSENDOCHIR, Tsogtbaatar (MGL)            
3. KIM, Channyeong (KOR)               
3. KHYAR, Walide (FRA)             
5. ABELRAHMAN, Ahmed (EGY)        
5. MACDONALD, Neil (GBR)                
7. MAMMADOV, Davud (AZE)       
7. HERNANDEZ, Juan (COL)        



11:00 Preliminaries on three mats 

17:00 Final block on two mats


Girls: -52kg, -57kg

Boys: -66kg, -73kg



11:00 Preliminaries on three mats

17:00 Final block on two mats


Girls: -63kg, -70kg

Boys: -81kg, -90kg



12:00 Preliminaries on three mats

16:00 Paralympic judo demo by IBSA Judo 

16:30 Team competition draw

17:00 Final block on two mats


Girls: -78kg, +78kg

Boys: -100kg, +100kg


Tuesday - Team competition

10:00 Preliminaries on three mats
17:00 Final block (medal contests only) on two mats


Location: IPIC Arena 

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