IJF News - May 25th, 2013

World Judo Masters, Tyumen 2013

DAY  1

-48kg | -52kg | -57kg | -63kg | -60kg | -66kg | -73kg

The star-studded World Judo Masters enthralled the capacity crowd at the Palace of Sport on Saturday, the opening day of the annual extravaganza in Tyumen, Russia.


As one of the showpiece events in the Olympic sport, the top 16 in the world ranking were invited to compete with the stakes at an all-time high as the competition moves from its regular January slot to May and three months before the World Championships. On day one, seven weight categories were in action as the women’s -48kg, -52kg, -57kg and -63kg categories and men’s -60kg, -66kg, -73kg categories took to the tatami in Siberia.


Before the opening ceremony, a press conference took place in the venue with distinguished personnel from the host organisation and the IJF.



Mr. Marius L. VIZER, IJF President, said: “Tyumen has developed an incredible judo centre and has already done a lot of work to promote judo in Russia but also worldwide. It's very important for the development of our sport. This competition generates new models for the young generation and for the society because judo is the most educational sport. You can promote the values of judo through a good media plan and heroes and this investment will be soon visible throughout the society.


“The World Judo Masters is one if the highest level competition in judo because the best 16 athletes are taking part in each category. Only two events can beat the masters: the world championship in quantity and the Olympic in quality.”


Mr. Vladimir YAKUSHEV, Governor of Tyumen region, said: “It's important to promote cities like Tyumen and not to focus only on the big capital cities. We had some challenges in staging the event but thanks to the experience that we gained on the occasion of the European and international events that we previously held in the city, we could overcome them. Having organized events such as the World Open Championship in 2011 and the u23 European Championship, there is now a need of a new facility to host such prestigious international events and we are planning to build a 12,500 seat indoor stadium where judo will have a central spot.


“After the World Open Championship, the sport has soared in popularity and especially among children and we are now developing Judo for Children programs.”


The opening ceremony featured a stylish showcase of Russian dancing and a model of the world to signify that nations from the around the world had descended on Tyumen to compete in the spectacular event.



Mr. Sergey SOLOVEYCHIK, EJU President, said: “Dear friends on behalf of the EJU and Russian Judo Federation I’d like to thank the judo federation of Tyumen for conducting such a high level event that we’ve enjoyed today and will do so tomorrow. We wish the Tyumen judo federation prosperity and success for the future. I wish good luck to all the athletes this afternoon.


“I also wish my friend Mr. Marius L. VIZER, IJF President, well in his bid to become the SportAccord President next week. The whole judo family is united in supporting our leader in what would be a huge moment for judo and sport in general.”


At the end of the opening day there was also awards for the best male ippon and best female ippon. Bronze medallist in the -66kg category David LAROSE (FRA) won the best male ippon while Bundmaa MUNKHBAATAR (MGL), who finished in seventh-place in the -52kg category, clinched the female award.




The draw can be seen at: http://www.ippon.org/masters2013.php

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-48kg: ENDO captures World Judo Masters gold

Montevideo Pan American Open winner ENDO Hiromi (JPN) topped the -48kg medal podium at the World Judo Masters after a final with Olympic champion Sarah MENEZES (BRA) culminated in the Brazilian being penalised with a shido which separated the judoka after five minutes. ENDO’s superior work ethic was summed up when she nearly scored with a de-ashi-barai in the closing seconds.



In the semi-final stage MENEZES overcome Dusseldorf Grand Prix winner OKAMOTO Riho (JPN) by ko-soto-gake for ippon while ENDO Hiromi (JPN) blasted past Paris Grand Slam bronze medallist Urantsetseg MUNKHBAT (MGL) in 37 seconds.

The first bronze medal was won by OKAMOTO Riho (JPN) who went ahead against London 2012 bronze medallists Charline VAN SNICK (BEL) with a uchi-mata for a yuko score and doubled her advantage with a second yuko. VAN SNICK battled her way back with a yuko of her won but time ran out on her spirited comeback. The second bronze was clinched by London 2012 Olympian Dayaris MESTRE ALVAREZ (CUB) who, despite picking up a knee injury in the second half of the contest, overcome Urantsetseg MUNKHBAT (MGL) who lost out on penalties.  



MENEZES, Sarah (BRA) vs ENDO Hiromi (JPN)


Bronze Medal Fights

OKAMOTO, Riho (JPN) vs VAN SNICK, Charline (BEL)

MUNKHBAT, Urantsetseg (MGL) vs MESTRE ALVAREZ, Dayaris (CUB)



Final Results

1. ENDO Hiromi (JPN)

2. MENEZES, Sarah (BRA)

3. OKAMOTO, Riho (JPN)


5. VAN SNICK, Charline (BEL)

5. MUNKHBAT, Urantsetseg (MGL)

7. GALBADRAKH, Otgontsetseg (MGL)

7. PARETO, Paula (ARG)



-52kg: KELMENDI shows her class in Tyumen

World number one Majlinda KELMENDI (KOS) celebrated her latest success in Tyumen after producing a polished display to topple Baku Grand Slam silver medallist Tsolmon ADIYASAMBUU (MGL) in the final. Paris Grand Slam silver medallist KELMENDI pressed for an opening and pounced when a weak attack from ADIYASAMBUU was countered with a foot sweep for a yuko. KELMENDI coolly kept her opponent at bay to protect her advantage and take the title.

In the semi-final KELMENDI defeated Paris Grand Slam bronze medallist Andreea CHITU (ROU) after a uchi-mata attempt produced a yuko which proved decisive while at the same stage ADIYASAMBUU defeated Paris Grand Slam bronze medallist MIYAKAWA Takumi (JPN) by ko-soto-gake for ippon.



The first bronze medal was awarded to Andreea CHITU (ROU) after Jaana SUNDBERG (FIN) was forced to withdraw after a strong attack from CHITU saw her knee accidentally hit SUNBERG’s collide with SUNDBERG’s face. The second bronze was won by MIYAKAWA, Takumi (JPN) who threw European bronze medallist Laura GOMEZ (ESP) with a makikomi and such was the impact the Spaniard tapped out from MIYAKAWA’s transition into a kuzure-kesa-gatame.





Bronze Medal Fights

CHITU, Andreea (ROU) vs SUNDBERG, Jaana (FIN)

MIYAKAWA, Takumi (JPN) vs GOMEZ, Laura (ESP)



Final Results

1. KELMENDI, Majlinda (KOS)


3. CHITU, Andreea (ROU)

3. MIYAKAWA, Takumi (JPN)

5. SUNDBERG, Jaana (FIN)

5. GOMEZ, Laura (ESP)

7. MIRANDA, Erika (BRA)




-57kg: DORJSUREN delights for Mongolia

Baku Grand Slam bronze medallist Sumiya DORJSUREN (MGL) defeated world number one Automne PAVIA (FRA) with a gutsy performance in the -57kg final. London 2012 bronze medallist PAVIA fell behind to a yuko and despite her endless endeavour the frustrated French star failed to register a score of her own. In the semi-final PAVIA bested Being 2008 Olympic bronze medallist Ketleyn QUADROS (BRA) to win by a waza-ari score as DORJSUREN outworked Paris Grand Slam silver medallist YAMAMOTO Anzu (JPN) who was penalised with a shido which separated the two at the end of the contest.



The first bronze medal was won by world number three Corina CAPRIORIU (ROU) who left it late but finally broke QUADROS’ resistance in the final minute to score a yuko and then throw her for ippon after the Brazilian opened the score with a yuko from a sumi-gaeshi. The second bronze medal went to Telma MONTEIRO (POR) who was handed victory via shido scores accumulated by YAMAMOTO.



PAVIA, Automne (FRA) vs DORJSUREN, Sumiya (MGL)


Bronze Medal Fights

QUADROS, Ketleyn (BRA) vs CAPRIORIU, Corina (ROU)




Final Results

1. DORJSUREN, Sumiya (MGL)

2. PAVIA, Automne (FRA)

3. CAPRIORIU, Corina (ROU)

3. MONTEIRO, Telma (POR)

5. QUADROS, Ketleyn (BRA)


7. SILVA, Rafaela (BRA)

7. ZELTNER, Tina (AUT)



-63kg: ABE crowned World Judo Masters champion in 22 seconds

Paris Grand Slam bronze medallist ABE Kana (JPN) sprinted to the top of the medal podium as she defeated world number two Yarden GERBI (ISR) in just 22 seconds with a juji-gatame. Before the crowd could catch their breath from an absorbing -73kg final, ABE surged to victory to stun European bronze medallist GERBI who felt the full force of her Japanese rival. In the semi-final stage the in-form GERBI was busier than Kathrin UNTERWURZACHER (AUT) as she received one shido while the Austrian received two in a nail-biting contest. The second semi-final was also decided in the same manner as Anicka VAN EMDEN (NED) was penalised twice to gift ABE a place in the final.



The first bronze medal was clinched by VAN EMDEN as she received one shido penalty compared to the two of Edwige GWEND (ITA) in a nervy contest. The second bronze medal was presented to JOUNG Da-Woon (KOR) who defeated UNTERWURZACHER by a waza-ari.



GERBI, Yarden (ISR) vs ABE, Kana (JPN)


Bronze Medal Fights


GWEND, Edwige (ITA) vs VAN EMDEN, Anicka (NED)



Final Results

1. ABE, Kana (JPN)

2. GERBI, Yarden (ISR)

3. VAN EMDEN, Anicka (NED)

3. JOUNG, Da-Woon (KOR)

5. GWEND, Edwige (ITA)


7. DREXLER, Hilde (AUT)

7. BALDORJ, Mungunchimeg (MGL)



-60kg: TAKATO all smiles as he wins gold for Japan

World number one TAKATO Naohisa (JPN) emerged triumphantly from the biggest test of his burgeoning career but had to come from behind in the final against Boldbaatar GANBAT (MGL). GANBAT led with a yuko and as he looked to strike with some ashi-wazi TAKATO, who turns 20 on Thursday, was alert to the threat and countered to drive him over his rival ippon and couldn’t hide his delight at capturing the top prize on his World Judo Masters debut.

In the semi-final TAKATO, Naohisa abruptly ended the home crowd’s hopes for a finalist as he defeated Paris Grand Slam bronze medallist Beslan MUDRANOV (RUS) by ippon. In the second semi-final Samsun Grand Prix silver medallist Yeldos SMETOV (KAZ) lost out by the same manner in the third minute against GANBAT who sealed victory with a uchi-mata.



The first bronze medal was won by world number two Amiran PAPINASHVILI (GEO) who showed his quality by fighting through to repechage to triumph over Beslan MUDRANOV (RUS) by ippon. The second bronze medal was awarded to London 2012 bronze medallist Felipe KITADAI (BRA) who comprehensively defeated Yeldos SMETOV (KAZ) as he dominated the contest by scoring a yuko and waza-ari.



TAKATO, Naohisa (JPN) vs GANBAT, Boldbaatar (MGL)


Bronze Medal Fights


SMETOV, Yeldos (KAZ) vs KITADAI, Felipe (BRA)



Final Results

1. TAKATO, Naohisa (JPN)

2. GANBAT, Boldbaatar (MGL)


3. KITADAI, Felipe (BRA)

5. MUDRANOV, Beslan (RUS)

5. SMETOV, Yeldos (KAZ)

7. DASHDAVAA, Amartuvshin (MGL)

7. TELMANOV, Askhat (KAZ)



-66kg: LIM halts Japan’s joy

Former Asian champion Sergey LIM (KAZ) shone in a star-laden -66kg category as he bested Paris Grand Slam bronze medallist TAKAJO Tomofumi (JPN) in the final. LIM raised his game to another level in the final as he caught TAKAJO off guard with some determined ne-waza and persevered to lock on a juji-gatame from which the Japanese had no choice but to submit.



In the semi-final TAKAJO grinded out a win as a ko-uchi-gari produced a yuko score against Samsun Grand Prix silver medallist Golan POLLACK (ISR) while LIM, who looked to be on the verge of defeat with three shido penalties, edged out world number three David LAROSE (FRA) by a yuko after gripping the Frenchman around the waist with what appeared to a bear hug but was awarded a decisive yuko with 20 seconds left.

The first bronze medal was won by LAROSE who made a statement as he floored world number one Tumurkhuleg DAVAADORJ (MGL) with a thunderous uchi-mata for ippon. The second bronze medal was clinched by Golan POLLACK (ISR) edged out Miyaragchaa SANJAASUREN (MGL) by a waza-ari score.



TAKAJO, Tomofumi (JPN) vs LIM, Sergey (KAZ)


Bronze Medal Fights

LAROSE, David (FRA) vs DAVAADORJ, Tumurkhuleg (MGL)

POLLACK, Golan (ISR) vs SANJAASUREN, Miyaragchaa (MGL)



Final Results

1. LIM, Sergey (KAZ)

2. TAKAJO, Tomofumi (JPN)

3. LAROSE, David (FRA)

3. POLLACK, Golan (ISR)

5. DAVAADORJ, Tumurkhuleg (MGL)

5. SANJAASUREN, Miyaragchaa (MGL)

7. GADANOV, Alim (RUS)

7. DRAGIN, Dimitri (FRA)



-73kg: World number one SAINJARGAL lives up to top billing

Nyam-Ochir SAINJARGAL (MGL) conquered Dex ELMONT (NED) in a repeat of their London 2012 bronze medal contest. World number one SAINJARGAL and world number three ELMONT were both active in the early stages as they looked set to avoid going the distance in Tyumen. However, as the contest progressed they proved equal to each other’s threat and ELMONT’s decreasing work-rate in the latter stages was the difference as he received two shido scores.



In the semi-final stage an all-Mongolian contest saw SAINJARGAL narrowly overcome teammate Tsagaanbaatar KHASHBAATAR (MGL) in an absorbing contest as he countered an attack with a ura-nage to score a yuko which was enough to seal a place in the final. The second semi-final saw ELMONT reacted brilliantly to being thrown for a yuko by escaping a resulting kesa-gatame to demonstrate his own oksaekomi-waza as he trapped Navruz JURAKOBILOV (UZB) with a kami-shiho-gatame and kept him there to win by ippon.

The first bronze medal was presented to Mirali SHARIPOV (UZB) who held teammate JURAKOBILOV with a mune-gatame for ippon. The second bronze medal was won by KHASHBAATAR on penalties against Paris Grand Slam silver medallist Bruno MENDONCA (BRA).   





Bronze Medal Fights

KHASHBAATAR, Tsagaanbaatar (MGL) vs MENDONCA, Bruno (BRA)




Final Results

1. SAINJARGAL, Nyam-Ochir (MGL)

2. ELMONT, Dex (NED)

3. SHARIPOV, Mirali (UZB)

3. KHASHBAATAR, Tsagaanbaatar (MGL)


5. MENDONCA, Bruno (BRA)

7. GANBAATAR, Odbayar (MGL)






10:00 Preliminaries 
18:00 Final block

Women: -70kg, -78kg, +78kg
Men: -81kg, -90k, -100kg, +100kg


Location: Palace of Sport





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